Former Filipina Beauty Queen’s daughters harassed in Malaysia!

20 Feb 2018 | Angelique Reyes

It is shocking to hear that former Filipina beauty queen and now actress Ruffa Gutierrez has reported a group of men harassed her daughters Lorin and Venice Bektas at the Sunway Lagoon theme park in Malaysia.

This incident is alleged to take place when the 43-year-old former beauty queen took her daughters, Lorin Gabriella, 15, and Venice Bektas, 14, for a trip to Malaysia in time for Valentine’s eve. But things took an ugly turn for her and her daughters when her girls were harassed by a group of “creepy, ugly disgusting men,” as told by her on her Instagram handle.

She was also accompanied by her friend Sharifa Juliana to the said theme park, Subway Lagoon, in Malaysia. They went there to have some fun time being the special occasion of Valentine’s eve.

But things didn’t happen as predicted because soon her daughters came running to her teary-eyed explaining how some random guys blew them kisses and took photos while on a ride.

Of course it didn’t sit well with Ruffa and she immediately tried to acknowledge the matter. But the boys just didn’t stop. They went physical and tried to attack the girls further aggravating the whole situation.

Though the Instagram has been deleted, here’s the tweet by the beauty queen –




The theme park association immediately reached out to her with an apology saying that the management is currently handling the complaint. They are known as a family theme park and will ensure that the guests’ safety and well-being are their top priority.




After this Ruffa also posted a daring Instagram stating how the people have to go through her if they want to mess with her daughters. Not only this, she also posted a positive message for all, “Some things in life are beyond our control. We can let it affect us and bring us down. I say: Stand up for your rights, protect those you love, and continue to spread positivity and kindness to all.”