Road to Miss Grand Japan 2019 for Miss Grand International 2019

18 Apr 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Grand Japan 2019 will be the seventh edition of the national contest that will host its grand finale on 16th July 2019 where gorgeous ladies from all over Japan will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Japan in Miss Grand International 2019.

The recruitment of these contestants began last October and seventeen contestants were selected after a rigorous selection process came to end. First, semi finals were held from which finalists were selected for the coronation night. So, without further ado, here are the finalists competing for Miss Grand Japan 2019 –



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Hitomi Kinjo (Jincheng pupil)

Izawa Masumi (Izawa Masumi)

Lisa Nakamura (Nakamura Lisa)

Minatoya Atorin (Minatoya Adorin)

Nao Matsumura (Matsumura Nao)

Shibayama HoshiRina (Shibayama Serina)

Itagaki Mayuzumi (Itagaki Dyna)

Sekine MinorunoYoshi (Sekine Honomi)

Fujimoto Sakura (Fujimoto Sakura)

Asami Ueda (Ueda Mami)

Nagasaki Momoka (Nagasaki Momoka)

Natsuki Nakanishi (Nakanishi Natsuki)



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Planted Aimi (Sai Manami)

Ayaka Sugita (Sugita Ayaka)

Taniguchi chick (Taniguchi Hina)

Yoshizawa HiroshiKa (Yoshizawa Miwa)

Mizutani Waka Nana (Mizutani Wakana)

Furuya KanaYoshi (Furuya Kanami)

Rica Otaka (goshawk Rika)

Rina Kimura (Kimura Rina)

Miho Omori (Miho Omori) 

Obama Chiharu (Obama Chiharu)

Murai Misho (Murai Mio)

Kawashima (Kawashima Rika)

Fujita MiyabiKaoru (Fujita Miyaka)

Yoshida Ayana (Yoshida Ayana)

Sawada Elena (Sawada Elena)

Tanaka Ai (Tanaka Airi)

ReiKei (Ben Reika)



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Eri Nagawa (Nagawa collar)

Yuri Yoshida (Yoshida lily)

Hikari Usami (Usami Hikari) 

Miss Grand Japan 2018 Haruka Oda represented Japan in Miss Grand International 2018 and gave an incredible performance. At the coronation night, she was adjudged as the fourth runner-up of the competition. For sure, this edition’s contestants have huge shoes to fill after Haruka’s performance in the competition.