Johor’s Malveen Kaur for Miss Grand Malaysia 2020?

02 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Grand Malaysia organization has recently announced that the coronation ceremony for Miss Grand Malaysia 2020 will be held in the month of August to select Malaysia’s representative for the annual international pageant. The organization has also announced that the regional pageant for Miss Grand Sabah 2020 and Miss Grand Sarawak 2020 will not be conducted this year due to the restrictions and the state directors must handpick the delegates who will represent the respective province at the national pageant. It is to be noted that they have been given the option to submit the name of the delegates as wildcard candidates and not state winners.

The coronation ceremony of Miss Grand Sabah 2020 and Miss Grand Sarawak 2020 will take place in the month of December and the winners will represent Sabah and Sarawak at Miss Grand Malaysia 2021. Miss Grand Malaysia 2020 will attempt for a virtual live show to accommodate with the Standard Operating Procedures.

With the announcement of state directors handpicking the delegates to represent the state for Sabah and Sarawak, Malveen Kaur has caught our attention for the title. Hailing from Johor, Malveen is 26-years-old and stands 168 cm tall. She is passionate about beauty pageants and feels like she has the skills and abilities to represent Malaysia at international stage. She is a fashion designer and later entered modeling when some of her family members and friends motivated her.



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Malveen mentioned that she has always felt that she was never good enough for modeling or pageantry because of her skin color. After winning a state pageant, the diva felt like one should always be proud in oneself and be confident. She currently works as an education counselor where she along with her team provide an opportunity for under privileged students for education. She explains that she feels very proud in being able to help the children for their education.

Malveen mentioned that she saw the post for the wildcard entry at Miss Grand Malaysia 2020 on facebook and thought to give it a try as her goal is to represent Malaysia at international level and she has been preparing for the day since she entered the state pageants. Her preparation includes education, walk-on stage, body angles, postures, communication, and mentally as well. She explains that she was over-whelmed when she was chosen to be a part of wildcard entry group and she is ready for winning the title.

Being bullied when she was a teenager, Malveen wants to send a message to the girls out there about how one should be accepting towards oneself and not give in the standards of the society. She has worked hard and focused on the good part of her dream and aspires to be a role model for the young girls for the same. She believes that this beauty pageant has given her the confidence to be able to showcase the world that women are more capable than they think. She wants to use the platform to not only voice her opinions but also act accordingly. She describes herself as a giver and a positive human who is ready to give her best for representing her country.



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She has worked with few designers and brands in Malaysia which has helped her in being comfortable in front of the screen as well as her own skin. She has gained experienced and knowledge about beauty pageant and is quick at learning new things which will help her during the pageant.

Malveen can be a potential delegate to participate at Miss Grand Malaysia 2020 because she is experienced, strong, confident, and determined to represent Malaysia at an international level. She is grateful for the opportunities and the experiences she has received or learned till today and hopes that she will be able to make the people of Malaysia proud.

The diva aspires to be a positive role model and believes that she can make the countrymen proud. She is beautiful, confident, and dedicated towards her goal and can be one of the strongest contenders for the title. She works on her on-stage walk, body angles, postures, confidence, and communication always to be prepared for the sudden appointment like this. She can be a potential delegate to represent Malaysia at Miss Grand International 2020.