Mel Dequanne Abar: From Miss Grand International to Miss Universe?

27 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Mel Dequanne Abar to fame as she joined Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 to represent her province Sabah. At just 20 years of age, Mel won the national crown and represented her country at Miss Grand International 2019. After her international stint, the question is what next for the stunning beauty queen and in our opinion she is a perfect candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe.

Standing 176 cm tall, Mel seems like the perfect candidate for Miss Universe Malaysia in the coming years. Being so young can also work to her advantage as she has all the years to give it a try. Born and raised in Sabah, Mel grew up among five siblings which has made he a fiercely independent woman. She strives towards achieving goals and targets in order to keep a bright future in sight.



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A diploma student, Mel has always made her education her priority. This was also her advocacy as Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 because she believes every person has the right to education regardless of who they are or where they're from. If she carries it forward in the future to spread awareness about the importance of education, specially in the youth, she can be an ideal delegate be a part of an international pageant such as Miss Universe.

At Miss Grand International 2019, Mel represented her country with absolute pride and sincerity. Even though she failed to place in the Top 21, Mel definitely showed great competence. She made it to Top 10 for Best in Swimsuit award, top 10 for Miss Popular vote, Top 10 for best in National Costume award. She also was a part of Top 10 contestants who made it to pre-arrival voting.



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If Mel decides to give pageantry another go, she will definitely be a strong contender to be a part of Miss Universe Malaysia in the coming years. With her sincerity, compassion for helping others, beauty and absolute grace, Mel is definitely an ideal contender to be a part of Miss Universe.