Ariette Banchs for Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 crown?

27 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The 65th edition of Miss Universe Puerto Rico i.e., Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020, will be held in the month of June 2020 where delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title and the chance to represent the country at Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 Madison Anderson Berríos of Toa Baja will crow her successor at the end of the event finale.

While the pageant is yet to begin, the pageant fanatics have begun to prepare their wish lists for the beautiful potential contestants who should give this year’s edition a go. One name which has made it to almost all the wish lists is Ariette Banchs, one of the pre-candidates for Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 crown. The stunning beauty has already received a ‘call back’ to participate in the auditions for this year’s edition.



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Ariette is a potential candidate for representing Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2020 as she has a very strong and confident personality which can help her make a mark during the competition. The diva walks gracefully and like a true beauty queen on-stage which is why she is a renowned model in Puerto Rico. She is a biology and microbiology student who feels very close to her hometown and the people of her hometown. She has an appealing face and a beautiful smile that can help her during the pageant. The diva’s positive and enchanting personality brightens the room she is in and she is hoping to be the same positive and optimistic person during the competition.

Ariette is not new to pageantry as she participated in Miss Teen World Puerto Rico 2016. Apart from that, she has worked and walked on-stage for several designers and photographers which has earned her some experience and confidence to make her performance powerful and increase her chances to win the title. She feels very blessed and thankful for all the opportunities she has got till now and hopes to make the people of Puerto Rico proud by winning the title.



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Ariette admires nature and spends a lot of her alone time on the beach, in nature or just exploring the places nearby. She is very connected to her roots and embraces them in every possible way. In one of her social media posts, Ariette stated, “Now more than ever it connects with the breeze that refreshes us and with the landscapes that transport us to those childhood days where we enjoyed the simple things in life. We are Puerto Ricans. We are a strong race. We are resilient. We are many things and together we will move forward once again. Be proud of being a Puerto Rican.”

Ariette aspires to be a successful and a positive role model for women out there across the globe just like the ones she has grown up to. She wants women especially young girls to feel powerful, motivated and encourages to follow their dreams. She strongly believes that when someone gets a little push towards their career or dream, they work very hard for it and she wants to boost up the girls’ self-esteem and confidence. The diva has started to prepare for her journey at Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 by working on her on-stage walk, body postures, body angles, on-stage confidence and communication and interview skills. The diva is also working on maintaining her body healthy and fit for the event finale and preparing herself mentally as well as emotionally because it is needed too.



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The diva who is very close to her family feels that this is her chance to make them proud and would give her best at the competition to win. She is thankful to her parents and friends who have always supported her and motivated to follow her passion. She is very determined and dedicated towards winning the title and representing Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2020.