Laura de Sanctis appointed Miss Grand Panamá 2022

12 Sep 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Grand Panamá organization, through the official social media, announced Laura de Sanctis as the newly appointed Miss Grand Panamá 2022. Laura is all set to represent her country at Miss Grand International 2022.

Laura holds a degree in Social Communication and is an ideal radio and television announcer. She has trained as a professional actress in important acting schools in the United States and Colombia. A professional model, Laura is also fluent in English and Spanish.


The stunning Panamanian beauty currently works as a logistics manager managing exports for a fish processing company and imports nationwide. Laura is the CEO of the Mundo de Madre Selva company, a company focused on working with salvaged wood, which she herself works with Panamanian artisans.



Laura is passionate about philanthropy. Since she was 16, Laura has been a part of the volunteer group of the Nutrition Board. Since 2017, she has been named the Ambassador of the Nutrition Board of Panama. He has also carried out personal campaigns in favour of ANCEC for cancer prevention, the fight against child labor hand in hand.

Laura also loves animals, especially cats, adopting several of them and providing them with better living conditions. One of her dreams is to create a shelter for cats in Panama City. Congratulations.