Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 Top 5 Final Hot Picks

11 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 is all set to host its coronation night on 15th March 2020. The winner will represent Paraguay at the stage of Miss Grand International 2020. Miss Grand Paraguay 2019 Milena Rodríguez will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

As the pageant is around the corner, we have picked out our top 5 favorite contestants for this year. Without further ado, let's look at them.

Lorena Rodríguez

Lorena Rodriguez of Pte. Franco will represent her province at the Miss Grand Paraguay 2020. She holds a degree in nutrition and is a professional dancer. On the work front, Lorena is a fitness instructor as she loves working out. She is an excellent nutritionist and works in a gym named 'Body Perfect Gym and Nutrition'. Ever since she was young, Lorena had a keen interest in sports and was very athletic. Lorena is not a new in the world of pageantry. She recently participated and was crowned Miss Grand Pdte. Franco 2020. Lorena has a beautiful body and looks stunning in every attire she wears. The way this grandeur of Franco carries herself is impeccable. She possesses the strength and beauty to outshine the other contenders. Undoubtedly, she could make into the list of top 5 finalists of the competition.


Lorena Rodríguez Finalsit Miss Grand Paraguay 2020


Daisy Lezcano

Daisy Lezcano from Isla Pucu is 26-years-old and will represent her province in Miss Grand Paraguay 2020. She has the strength to be a tough contender in the competition. With her grace and eloquence, she can make her way to the crown. The diva is dedicated and sincere towards winning the title. Earlier she participated in Miss International Paraguay for the year 2017 and 2018. Her excellent performance in the competition made the winner for two consecutive years. She thereby represented Paraguay at Miss International 2018 and was placed in the top 15. Daisy is now aiming for Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 so that she can fly the Paraguayan flag at the stage of Miss Grand 2020 and once again get the golden opportunity to represent her country. Daisy believes that beauty pageant strengthens women and give them the power to make a change. She wants to eradicate every type of violence, regardless of gender, color, race, age, or species. She aims to make this world a better place to live where everything is perfect and everybody is happy.


Daisy Lezcano Finalist Miss Grand Paraguay 2020


Juliaa Rios

Juliaa Rios of Ciudad Del Este will represent her province at Miss Grand Paraguay 2020. Juliaa is 19-years-old and at such a young age holds the crown of four regional beauty pageants. Her recent win was at the stage of Miss Grand CDE 2020. She has previously participated in Miss Teen CDE Py 2017, Miss Teen Earth Py 2018, Finalista MTE International 2017, and managed to win the crown of all the above-mentioned pageants. She has a picture-perfect smile along with big beautiful eyes. Juliaa is an active feminist and suggests women to love themselves for what they are. She wants to fight for the violence against women that has been prevailing in our society for ages. Juliaa wants women across the world to fight for themselves and take a stand for whatever wrong happens with them. Her short-term goal is to win the title of Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 thereby winning the crown of Miss Grand 2020.


Juliaa Rios Finalist Miss Grand Paraguay 2020


Angelica Peña Testa

This beauty from Concepcion will represent her beloved city in Miss Grand Paraguay 2020. Angelica has been in the world of pageantry since 2016. She first competed in a regional pageant, Miss Expo Norte in 2016 and managed to win the crown. It was after this pageant, she started to try her hand in other pageants as well. In 2019, almost after 3 years of her debut, she participated in Miss Grand Concepcion and was crowned as Miss Grand Concepcion 2019. Angelica has deep, dark and revealing eyes. The diva has an enchanting personality and strong character. The grace she possesses is invincible and it’s this grace that portrays her beauty and elegance even in bold attires. Angelica has an excellent choice of color as she adorns herself with unique, bright and vibrant colors. She is simply adorable and is one of our favorite contenders who has the qualifies all the requirements for the crown.


Angelica Peña Testa Finalist Miss Grand Paraguay 2020


Elena Mora

Elena Mora of Mariano R. Alonso is the official representative of her province. Elena is a model by profession who loves working out. She is a fitness enthusiast and tries to maintain a healthy and fit body. Elena participated in Miss Expo 2019 and Miss Grand Mariano R. Alonso 2020 and won the crowns in both the pageants. She believes that the best way to prove your worth is to show people by achieving the goals and doing something phenomenal. Mora loves to travel and believes that enjoying the road is sometimes better than reaching the destination. Elena has the potential of giving a tough competition to other candidates. With her discipline and dedication, she can reach the crown of Miss Grand Paraguay 2020.


Elena Mora

(Photo Credits: Miss Grand Paraguay Official)