Miss Grand Paraguay 2021 special awards announced

03 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Grand Paraguay will host the coronation ceremony for Miss Grand Paraguay 2021 in a few hours where the delegates will compete for the national crown and a spot at Miss Grand International 2021 representing Paraguay. The winner will succeed Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 Daisy Lezcano for the title.

Just a few hours ago, the organization held a grand preliminary night at the Hotel Guarani Asuncion, where delegates vying for the crown were showcased and paraded in their evening gowns and swimsuits to showcase their elegant walks in order to make a lasting impression on the judges and the audience. While all the divas performed splendidly throughout, there were divas who were given some special awards given at the end of the preliminary competition.



Let’s look at the winners of special awards of Miss Grand Paraguay 2021:

Miss Elegance: Elicena Andrada representing Paraguayan Community in Spain

Miss Photogenic: Jimena Sosa representing United Colonies

Best Face: Bianca Ayala representing Asuncion.

Best hair: Cecilia Salinas representing San Lorenzo

Best smile: Lorena Rodríguez representing Pdte. Frank

Best Silhouette: Emma Báez representing Incarnation

Best Presentation Video: Angélica Peña Testa representing Concepción

Best Video for Non-Violence: Liz Valdovinos representing San Pedro

The finale night is just a few hours away and the divas will now prepare to perform their best on-stage to win the crown and earn their chance to represent Paraguay at Miss Grand International 2021. Daisy Lezcano represented Paraguay at Miss Grand International 2020 on 27th March 2021 at Show DC Hall in Bangkok. She was highly appreciated for her performance throughout the competition but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the top spots.

Congratulations to the winners.