Nicole Cordoves nails the Preliminary Competition of Miss Grand International 2016

25 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

It was Miss Grand International 2016 Preliminary Competition on 24th October 2016, and the event was a preview of what all can be expected at the finals of Miss Grand International 2016. The Preliminary Competition of Miss Grand International was a night of glamour and panache. Talking about glamour, how can we miss one of the favourites for the pageant this year, Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves. 

Nicole Cordoves nails the Preliminary Competition of Miss Grand International 2016

Nicole Cordoves is Philippines bet for the Miss Grand International 2016 pageant. If you are thinking that she was the favourite for the title since the beginning, let us correct you there. Nicole was someone who had to face a lot of criticism before she proved her mettle to the people. Yes, you heard that right. In the initial months of her crowning, she was being criticised for “not speaking like a beauty queen.” “Ah, she’s too confident. She doesn’t speak like a beauty queen,” these were some comments that were thrown at her by the bashers. 
But Nicole never gave any importance to such comments and made sure to follow her path with full dedication and zeal. In fact, shutting all the bashers up,Cordoves finds relief in the fact that many people considers her the most well versed contestant in this year’s batch. Anyway, she has been shutting her bashers throughout her journey at the MGI 2016, and the latest blow was the Preliminary Competition. Nicole was a standout during the preliminary competition of the Miss Grand International 2016 pageant, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Nicole wore a see through white gown and looked every bit like a true beauty queen. Such a stunning face with a calm aura, Nicole ruled the preliminary rounds. It looked like walking the runway was a cakewalk for her. Matching her steps with the slow song during the evening gown round, Nicole also made sure to stay upbeat and match up the fast and sassy tune at the swimsuit round. Watch her walk in the evening gown and swimsuit rounds here...

Nicole earlier shared that the pageant being held in Las Vegas is an advantage for her. “I think every girl here will bring on their best game and enjoy the ride. I’m so excited already because it’s Las Vegas. The adrenaline and excitement of Filipinos there is different." Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe in Las Vegas, and now fans are hoping for another win in the city of sin. What do you think?