Road to Miss Grand Spain 2019

20 Jun 2019 | Seerat Kaur

Miss Grand Spain 2019 will be the 4th edition of the national contest and the coronation night will be held in July 2019 where thirty six contestants from all over Spain will fight for the title and the opportunity to represent Spain in Miss Grand International 2019. Miss Grand Spain 2018 Patricia López Verdes will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

With the states revealing their contestants to compete, it is sure going to be a strong fight this year. All the contestants are worthy, gorgeous and working really hard to prepare themselves for the national competition. So, without further ado, here are the contestants revealed so far to compete in Miss Grand Spain 2019 -


Road to Miss Grand Spain 2019


Maria José Parra Miss Grand Andalucía 2019

Paula Miralles Miss Grand Extremadura 2019

Tania Chaves Miss Grand Galicia 2019

Verónica Quirós Miss Grand Asturias 2019

Victoria Hernández Miss Grand Badajoz 2019

Andrada Morar Miss Grand Barcelona 2019

Alba Ortega Torres Miss Grand Burgos 2019

Ainara de Santamaría Miss Grand Cantabria 2019

Irene Simón Miss Grand Cáceres 2019

Alba Izquierdo Miss Grand Ciudad Real 2019

Meri Salazar Miss Grand Córdoba 2019

María Jesús Delgado Rosales Miss Grand Granada 2019

Ángela Gil Pinto Miss Grand Huelva 2019

Sorina Dolghieru Miss Grand Islas Baleares 2019

Miriam Herrera Juan Miss Grand Jaén 2019



Road to Miss Grand Spain 2019

(Photo Credits: Patricia Lopez Verdes Instagram Official)

Victoria María Contreras Miss Grand Las Palmas 2019

Lucía Andrade Miss Grand León 2019

Andrea Ávila Miss Grand Madrid 2019

Nabila Recio Miss Grand Málaga 2019

Dana Vázquez Miss Grand Navarra 2019

Noelia Dorta Hernández Miss Grand Tenerife 2019

Nuria Rodríguez Miss Grand Sevilla 2019

Laia Bosquet Miss Grand Tarragona 2019

Mariam Bustos Miss Grand Valencia 2019

Mariana D’orazio Gómez Miss Grand  Zaragoza 2019

Zulheika Jiménez Miss Grand Atlántico 2019

Yaiza Cabello Miss Grand Costa del Sol 2019

Iris Miguélez Miss Grand Costa Gallega 2019

Maria Fernández Miss Grand Mediterranean 2019

Guadalupe Alvarez Miss Grand Cádiz 2019

Sara Pados Miss Grand Palencia  2019

Zuriñe Ruiz Miss Grand Euskadi 2019

Miss Grand Spain 2018 Patricia López Verdes represented Spain in Miss Grand International 2018. Patricia, with her incredible performance and hard work, placed in the Top 10. Spain is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Grand International pageant.