Iris Miguélez Méndez appointed Miss Grand Spain 2020

29 Jan 2021 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Grand Spain appointed Iris Miguélez Méndez as the new Miss Grand Spain 2020 who will now represent Spain at Miss Grand International 2020 in Thailand on 27th March 2020. Iris is the third candidate to be appointed as Miss Grand Spain 2020 after Sara Cisneros and Andrea de Las Heras.

Hailing from Galicia, Iris is 22-years-old and stands 174 cm tall and is currently finishing her career in nursing; a profession she is passionate about. She is also very passionate about representing her country at an international stage and feels honoured to be appointed as Miss Grand Spain 2020. She aspires to train in aesthetic medicine.



The diva mentioned that she practiced wresting initially; a sport that made her understand what sacrifice, respect, humility is, and how she must work hard to get what she wants, to know how to take defeats and raise her head no matter what happens. She had to leave the sport due to a serious injury but started developing interest towards fashion and eventually pageants. She mentioned, “I’ve always been about dressing up, going as best I can, so fashion and image have always been there. Anyway, I never had a direct relationship with fashion.”

Iris participated at Miss Grand Galicia 2019 and was chosen as Miss Gran Costa Gallega 2019 after which she represented her province at Miss Grand Spain 2019 and finished at Top 5 at the end of the event finale. She mentioned, "I was very happy with the experience, because I thought I was going to find myself with a lot of competition and bad faces, and it is not like that. There was an impressive camaraderie.”

Miss Grand International 2020 aspirant shared that she believes that beauty pageants should be maintained as these are the contests which helps in conveying a strong and impactful message to the public. During an interview held while she was competing at Miss Grand Spain 2019, she shared, “Let your children fight, or the sport they like, or take part in a beauty pageant. I never thought about competing. I understand that I don’t have enough confidence in myself to do this, but curiosity made me introduce myself and here I am. I’m embarrassed, but getting into this can mean cracking up with that shame. They are the ones who think that doors cannot be closed.”



The diva is strong, confident, and determined to win the title and make the people of Spain proud. Iris’ experience, knowledge, and fighting for what she wants attitude could help her throughout the competition. She has started to prepare for the competition as she feels a beauty queen should be able to transmit, speak in public and have good oratory along with having a flawless walk on-stage and showcasing her confidence.

Congratulations queen!