Lucía Peregrín crowned Miss Grand Almería 2018

18 Jun 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Grand Spain 2018 (Miss Grand España 2018) pageant received yet another contestant as the new Miss Grand Almería 2018 was crowned. Lucía Peregrín, who won the provincial contest, is a young woman, 24 years old, and stands tall at 1.72 meters.

Lucía will travel to Carmona, Seville on June 26 in order to participate in the preliminaries, on June 29, and hopefully she will also be staying back to take part in the grand final on 30th June 2018 if she sustains enough numbers.

Lucía told an online portal how her interest in the world of fashion was born: "One day I was looking for fashion shows on Google. I got a girl named Andrea de Cozar and it turns out that she was Miss Grand Spain 2015 and competed in the international contest and it was love at first sight with her. From that moment on I said to myself: I am going to prepare myself and try to get that enormous experience of becoming Miss Grand España 2018. I have been very interested in the values ??of the contest with the title Stop the War and Violence ".


Lucía Peregrín crowned Miss Grand Almería 2018


She also elaborated on her preparation for the contest: "Since November I have been training in catwalk, protocol, sports, psychological classes ... I never thought that my training would be so hard, I have a few demanding trainers. Gustavo Valderrama, a former physical trainer, is the one who has trained me physically. You also have to add the learning of English ".

Lucía also pointed out her strengths and weaknesses: "I am a woman full of charisma and humanitarian, I would also highlight elegance, opportunity, strength and courage, my main faults are that I am self-critical and I am very direct".

The young woman is a veterinary assistant and would like to create a reserve with green areas to include all kinds of species: "In my free time I look for a shelter for every animal that I encounter and I try that where I am living, give it the respect it deserves. Also, I enjoy when my father plays for me and I dance with passion the art of flamenco."

Lucía says that she wants to change some concepts in the fashion world: "It must evolve and not stagnate, we have to change the stereotypes of the perfect woman, I believe that we are all different and special with what the Universe gave us. Goodbye to the canon of obligatory beauty ".

Lucía Peregrín is determined to show her worth at the Miss Grand Spain 2018 pageant and will surely make it worth the watch.