Kenza Andrèze-Louison crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2020

24 Aug 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Guadeloupe 2020 held its coronation ceremony on 21st August 2020 at the Arawak hotel where Kenza Andreze-Louison was crowned the new queen and became the official representative of Guadeloupe for Miss France 2021. She succeeds and was crowned by Miss Guadeloupe 2019 Clémence Botino.



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Kenza Andreze-Louison is 20 years of age and stands 175 cm tall. A geoscience student at the University of Antilles, she campaigned for quality in education as her advocacy. Kenza bested five other delegates to win the regional crown and was moved and proud to win this crown. The newly crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2020 Kenza Andre`ze-Louison’s court included –

1st runner-up: Océane Lovinsky

2nd runner-up: Stacie Thétis

Élodie Géli and Stessy Roche were the two other contestants who competed for the regional crown. Kenza took to her social media to reveal her emotions in a post captioned, “Since August 21, I have been elected Miss Guadeloupe 2020. I am just starting to realize. Between the photoshoots and the interviews, I am gradually entering the bath.Thank you to my family and loved ones for their support, and to the Guadeloupe La Belle association for their supervision. Thank you to you for your confidence and your congratulatory messages, I try to answer as many people as possible even if it is not easy! I will never forget this election.”



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The organization came under the radar as Anaëlle Guimbi was disqualified for participating in a photo shoot during which she revealed a painted and decorated breast. Kenza took to her official social media to reveal her emotions as she wrote, “Unfortunately this magnificent adventure that is Miss Guadeloupe ends here for me. Indeed, the photos you see turn out to be contrary to the values ??of Miss France. The rules are what they are, I bow but I will always continue to defend the values ??that are dear to me like this fight against breast cancer.”

“I cannot thank you enough for all the support and love you have given me over the past few days. I would have lived this adventure fully, my only regret will be not to have been able to participate in the show and at the same time to show you all that you were right to support me”, she concluded.

Miss Guadeloupe 2019 Clémence Botino represented her province at the national contest who went on to be crowned Miss France 2020. Kenza has huge shoes to fill after her crowning.