Miss Haiti 2018 Meet the contestants

14 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Haiti 2018 is doing the rounds now with the beautiful ladies onboard. One of these contestants will get to represent Haiti at international pageants Miss Universe and Miss International. Miss Haiti 2017 Cassandra Chéry will crown her successor and pass on the legacy at the end of the event finale.

The candidates this year boast of a plethora of skills and a multitude of occupational proficiency is to their name, be it being a dentist spreading toothy smiles, be it capturing the world behind the lenses and many more. These stellar ladies are the true definition of beauty with brains.

The winner will be crowned by Miss Haiti 2017 Miss Cassandra Chery as the tradition calls for and will later represent at Miss Universe 2018 while the remaining winners will represent at their respective international pageants.

Here are the lovely ladies who will be bewitching the audience this year and make out the most of this chance provided to them –


Miss Haiti 2018 Meet the contestants


Louina Lafalaise (Age -26 years)

Samantha Colas (Age - 25 years)

Nedjie Chery (Age-20 years)

Nandy Latour (Age- 26 years)

Merlie Fleurizard (Age-26 years)

Melissa Brenda Maurisset (Age-  22 years)

Cristina Cadet Prosper (Age- 26 years)

Clermina Platel (Age- 22 years)


Miss Haiti 2018 Meet the contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss Haiti Facebook Official)

Coralie Cicero (Age- 26 years)

Christelle Remedor (Age- 20 years)

Armelle Rose Williams (Age- 25 years)

To show the success and sincerity that the delegates of this pageant portray, contestants like Evelyn Miot was the first black contestant to be one of the 15 semi-finalists in Miss Universe Pageant and Gerthie David was the second black woman to be placed in the finals. Haiti is all set to create history again with fresh beauties from all across the country competing to get the title of Miss Haiti 2018 and the coveted crown.

Each one of them will surely take something back from the experience and give it back twice as much in their own different ways for each of them is a winner.