Miss Intercontinental 2021 Top 10 Hot Picks

23 Oct 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The 49th edition of Miss Intercontinental, i.e., Miss Intercontinental 2021, is scheduled to take place in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt on 29th October 2021, where stunning delegates from all over the world will compete against each other for the coveted crown. Miss Intercontinental 2019, Fanni Mikó, from Hungary, will crown her successor at the end of the event.

While this year’s batch boasts of stunning delegates from all over the world, who will give a strong competition to each other with utmost sincerity and dedication towards the coveted crown, some divas have definitely stood out among the class as some of the strongest contenders for the title. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 10 favourites for Miss Intercontinental 2021 –

Bella Aprilia Sant representing Indonesia

Bella Aprilia Sant was appointed Miss Intercontinental Indonesia 2020 on 21st June 2020 by the Miss Grand Indonesia organization director Ivan Gunawan and is all set to represent her country in Miss Intercontinental 2021.

Bella Aprilia Sant is 23 years of age and hails from Jember, East Java. She is not new to the pageant world as she was the champion of Indonesia's Top Model East Java in 2012. Standing 175 cm tall, Bella is already a professional model. A cheerful, confident and independant person, Bella sure will be a strong contender for the international crown.



Paulina Uceda Escorcia representing Mexico

Paulina Uceda Escorcia from the state of Michoacán was appointed Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2020 and will represent her country in Miss Intercontinental 2021. She is 23-years-odl and stands 171 cm tall. She works as a professional model and is very excited to represent Mexico at the international stage.

Paulina is not new to pageantry as she was Miss Intercontinental Michoacán 2017 after which she represented Michoacán at Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2017 and was appreciated for her performance but unfortunately wasn’t placed. But the diva didn’t give up on her dream to win the title and represent Mexico at international stage. The diva started modelling at the age of 15-years and has worked with some of the renowned designers and brands in Mexico which has helped her to gain experience and intensive knowledge about beauty pageants.



Auri Lopez representing Venezuela

Auri Lopez was also appointed by the Global Beauty Venezuela Organization as official representative of Venezuela for the Miss Intercontinental 2021 competition. The diva was crowned Miss Intercontinental Venezuela last year in the month of December and was excited to keep continuing her crown duties and prepare herself for the competition and make the people of Venezuela proud.

Hailing from the city of Tinaquillo, Auri is 20-years-old and is a Radiologist Technician who stands out for her beauty, sympathy, and great preparation for the competition. The diva aspires to venture into animation and is very happy to be able to represent the country at international stage. She is very passionate about using the platform to make a good and positive impact on the society. She describes herself as sharp, determined, and confident to win the title.



Blessing Augustine representing Nigeria

Blessing Augustine was appointed as Miss Intercontinental Nigeria 2021 to represent the country at Miss Intercontinental 2021. She is 23 years old and stands 180 cm tall. She is currently a student and loves painting, dancing and camping. The diva believes in seizing the day and is fluent in English.

She is a mental health advocate and owns a footwear brand called Rivas, selling handmade footwear in Nigeria. She is strong, confident and determined to bring home the crown as she has been consistent with her stellar performance in the competition so far.



Veronika Šmídová representing Czech Republic

Veronika Šmídová was crowned Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2020 and became the official representative of Czech Republic in Miss Intercontinental 2021. Hailing from the city of Prostejov, diva is 19-years-old and stands 177cm tall and is currently studying Civil Service and Administrative Procedure. She is passionate about beauty pageants and swimming.

Veronika believes in the saying, “Trust the timing of your life,” which shows that she is ready to put on the hard work and determination towards her goals and keep going. The diva will use the platform given to her to inspire people for doing good and positive things in life. She is herself a positive, humble, and compassionate person and would like to pass onto that. She believes that charity means being an inspiration to other people to help other people and that is something she would work on.



Lorena Rodriguez representing Paraguay

Lorena Rodriguez was appointed as the official representative of Paraguay at Miss Intercontinental 2021 by the organization of M.G.M. Producciones S.R.L. Lorena is 26-years-old. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and speaks Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese, and intermediate English. She is an excellent nutritionist and works in a gym named 'Body Perfect Gym and Nutrition’. Lorena, while growing up, had a keen interest in sports and was very athletic.

Lorena is a confident, strong, and talented woman who understands how a beauty competition works, thus, she works very hard and with utmost honesty to achieve the dreams she has seen since childhood. She feels immensely proud and honored that she will be representing her country in an international competition. The diva has a strong and impactful personality which never fails to attract people to her and engage in conversations that are mindful and impactful.



Cinderella Faye Obeñita representing Philippines

Cinderella Obeñita was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2021 as she became the official representative of Philippines at Miss Intercontinental 2021. Cinderella was a fan-favourite for the national competition, Binibining Pilipinas 2021 ever since the beginning.

Cindy graduated Magna cum Laude from the Liceo de Cagayan University with a degree in Mass Communication. She was a student-journalist for 10 years where she honed her writing skills in news, sports, technical and feature articles. A sincere and dedicated individual, Cinderella sure will be a strong competition to the other ladies at the international competition as well.



Nutnicha Srithongsuk representing Thailand

The organization of Miss Grand Thailand had announced the appointment of Nutnicha Srithongsuk as the official representative of Thailand for the 49th edition of Miss Intercontinental pageant. Nutnicha, also popularly known as ‘Bonus’, is 23-years-old and stands 167 cm tall and has graduated with a degree from the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Chinese Program from Khon Kaen University.

With Nutnicha’s positive attitude towards winning, experience, and learnings from her previous stints, she is excited and honoured to represent Thailand at the international stage and feels that she will be able to do justice with the title given to her.



Romy Simpkins representing United Kingdom

Romy Simpkins was appointed as Miss Intercontinental United Kingdom 2020/2021 to represent her country at the ongoing Miss Intercontinental 2021. The gorgeous diva is 27 years of age and stands 170 cm tall. She is a Trainee Counsellor, Swimwear Designer, Mental Health Ambassador and an animal lover.

Romy is not new to the world of pageantry as she has already won the titles of Miss International UK 2016 & Miss Supranational England 2018. For her, “It’s not about the crown or the sash but the opportunity to represent women in my country and around the world as an individual who believes in herself. I want to be the voice for others who may not feel they can have one, as I want them to know that they are the one in control of their life and they can have the best life ever by simply focusing on their dreams and making them a reality.”



Arielle Keil representing New Zealand

Making history as the first transgender woman to represent New Zealand at the Miss Intercontinental pageant, Arielle is a half Filipino and half New Zealand descent who will now represent the country of New Zealand at Miss Intercontinental 2021 stage.

Arielle is 26-years-old who has spent a lot of her time and years to fight the system which didn’t allow her to participate at a beauty pageant but now, her time is finally here. The diva explained that she always dreamt of being the woman on the runway, and now she is working hard to be that woman she always aspired to be. Through her hard work and determination, she is living her childhood dream, and says others can and should follow her example.



The Miss Intercontinental pagaent has grown to become an ultimate show and icon of female beauty and success, well known as showcase for the world´s most poised, stunning women. After almost a two-year reign, Fanni Miko will pass her crown to the new Miss Intercontinental. The pageant has become the UN of glamour and beauty, well known to showcase the world´s most poised, stunning women.