Miss Intercontinental Myanmar 2018 Nang Mway Phoung Loong

06 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Nang Mway Phoung Loong was adjudged the 2nd runner up at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant earlier this year. While the beauty queen wanted to win the Miss Universe Myanmar 2018 title, she is still working hard to prepare her best to represent her country, Myanmar at the Miss Intercontinental 2018 pageant, as the new Miss Intercontinental Myanmar 2018.

Nang is 19-years-old and holds a Shan, Myanmar citizenship. She is currently completing her third year of BBA at Assumption University in Thailand. She aspires to become a successful person. She doesn’t want to be 1st, as being 1st is not always the best. According to her, “success doesn’t always happen to who comes 1st.”

She was adjudged coordinator of the year 2016 in my University, and Miss Universe Tachileik 2017. She speaks Thai, and English. Nang stands tall at 5’ 7" feet and weighs 110lb. Her vital stats are 32inches-24inches-35inches.


Miss Intercontinental Myanmar 2018 Nang Mway Phoung Loong


Miss Universe Myanmar competition was her first competition. She represented as Miss Universe Tachileik, which is her home town. Her very first inspiration was her mom. She always wanted her to be an elegant lady in the pageant world, and supported her until her mission completed.

“Being Miss is not just about beauty like everyone thinks. You have to be multi talented lady with beauty soul.  The pageant inspires every woman to be confident and this pageant system makes everyone see that women can do much more than what everyone thinks,” says Nang.

She also elaborate don her pageant experience, she said, “I met lots of friends from different cities and I became more confident after the competition.  Also I gained great experience during the competition period.  Since we have to work together, I noticed that teamwork is also necessary in this competition.”

She also say that being a good example to others and being a woman who can motivate the rest of the woman to be independent is what made her become a beauty queen.