Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2018 finalist Josje de Lange

16 Jun 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2018 will soon hold its grand finale to find out who of the twelve announced contestants will be taking over Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2017 Cathelijne Heppenhuis crown. The newly crowned queen will then represent the Netherlands at the Miss Intercontinental 2018 Pageant where Miss Intercontinental 2017 Veronica Salas Vallejo of Mexico will crown her successor.

Netherlands’ last placement at Miss Intercontinental was at last year’s Miss Intercontinental 2017 when Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2017 Cathelijne Heppenhuis was adjudged Miss Europe and the 2nd runner-up at Miss Intercontinental 2017.

Of all the contestants, we chose 5 that we believe are the ones standing out in the race to the crown currently, and here is the scoop on one of our favourites.

Josje de Lange is a 22 year old and has been living in Uden since the past 2 years. She was born in Amsterdam, then moved to Lunteren for studies and moved to Uden because her friend was from there and she found Brabant very cozy. She followed the training to become a para veterinary assistant in Barneveld and graduated 3 years ago. She has been working at veterinary practice Vorstenbosch for over a year now.


Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2018 finalist Josje de Lange


Jose could hardly believe it when her name was announced as Miss Intercontinental Noord Brabant 2018. She say that the competition had a nice group and all girls did a great job that night. She was very happy because she worked hard for it, and thus couldn’t stop herself from tearing up. What made it even better for Jose after she won was that all the other girls reacted very sweetly. They told her that she deserved it and all that positivity added to her joy.

On being asked what she would like to achieve from the Miss Intercontinental 2018 pageant, Jose said, “What I would like to achieve is that other girls will look at me as I look at the girls from last year and the years before. I see the girls from previous years as a great example. They are very developed and grown as a person and have gained even more self-confidence as they already had. I hope to learn more as I have already done. Not only about our country, the world and the beauty contest but also about myself. The most important thing I think is that you remain yourself and enjoy every moment!”

Jose has always spent a lot of time with her friend, family and friends. She finds it extremely important. She loves shopping, sports, horseback riding and pole dancing. She also loves music and think it's ‘fantastic’ to watch Tv series. Furthermore, she never forgets to hug her 2 cats a lot and take her dog on walks, which he loves.

She loves to sing duets, so that she can play with a second voice. She used to sing a lot with her sister, who was in the same high school as her. Currently she does not sing much, but always loves to do it. She also played in musicals. Like: the ugly duckling. Here she partly experienced what it was like to stand on a podium and has always enjoyed it since.

Miss Beauty of the Netherlands is the proud owner of Miss Intercontinental Netherlands. This year 12 provincial missions compete for the title of Miss Intercontinental Netherlands. Miss Intercontinental has been around since 1971 and is one of the longest running international elections. Every year the location has a different international venue and there are always around 60 countries. The final will take place this year in November in India.