Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat on educating kids about dangers of drug use

16 Jul 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Sireethorn Leearamwat represented Thailand at Miss International 2019 on 12th November 2019 at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Bunkyo district, Tokyo, Japan and was crowned as the new queen at the end of the event finale. She is the first woman from Thailand to win Miss International, and the first Thai delegate to win one of the Big Four international beauty pageants since Bui Simon was crowned Miss Universe 1988.

Sireethorn or Bint was born in Bangkok where she attended Mahidol University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. After graduating, she began working as a pharmacist in Bangkok. The diva has never missed an opportunity to help the ones in need amid the pandemic and has been serving the less fortunate ones with the essentials they need to survive the pandemic. Bint’s work has been appreciated by the Thailand’s Health Department who believes that Bint’s voice and platform could be a great asset for the department to spread their message.


Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat on educating kids about dangers of drug use


The diva who shared during the competition that she was highly criticized for participating in the beauty pageant did not give up on her dream to be a beauty queen and represent her country at international stage and even though it is nothing related to her profession, she feels immensely proud of being on-stage as a representative of Thailand. She has always advocated about how much women can empower each other and how they should keep doing it along with talking about medical issues in the world as well for example the drug use.

During her stint at Miss Thailand 2019, Bint was asked a question during her question and answer round on what according to her is a true cause of global drug problem, to which she answered, “Schools should teach them the effects and consequences of using drugs. It’s vital to let them know how their future will be affected if they dare to try,” she said. The diva has been promoting the cause and trying to educate and raise awareness about the drug use among kids especially across globe.


Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat


Bint believes that kids need to have a proper knowledge and a person to look up to when it comes to drug use because lack of knowledge builds up the curiosity which is the first reason why kids are indulged into drug abuse. Bint recently visited ‘The Pichit Jai’ or known as ‘The winner house’ which is a drug prevention center and was proud to be part of a project and to educate school kids about the same. The Miss Thailand organization played a major role in providing such a great opportunity for the beauty queen.

The diva spoke about how much it is essential for the elders and people who are responsible to impart knowledge to the kids to tell them about drug use or drug abuse because until and unless they know the damage it causes, it won’t help them to stay away from it. Miss International organization shared about the project on their official page and mentioned, “The “Winner House” is a drug prevention and therapy facility which Bint has the privilege to serve and it felt humbling that the school children around her were interested in this project. Bint believes that it’s not just enough to give them a solution, but we have to give these children more knowledge about the dangers of drug use.”


Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat Education Drug Use Pandemic


Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat has been trying and doing her bit to help and support the society along with doing a little extra for the one in the need during such a crucial time. She has been actively helping the society to spread awareness and to distribute essentials to the local community. The government of Thailand also feels that her voice and platform is a great way to spread valuable and useful information to a larger audience amidst Covid19.