Miss World Spain 2020 Meet the Delegates

16 Jul 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Mundo Espana 2020 aka Miss World Spain 2020 is all set to crown its new queen, as the finale of the pageant is scheduled to be hosted on 25th July 2020 in Marina D'or. Various delegates from across the country will vie for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Spain at Miss World 2020 pageant. Miss Word Spain 2019 Maria Del Mar Aguilera will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale.

There will be five tests or pre-pageant competitions for the delegate to compete in including Best in National Costume, physical test, beauty with a purpose, social network and best in talent competition. These pre-pageant activities will be the base on which the delegates will be judged on. With Miss World Spain 2020 on the verge to crown the new queen, here are the official contestants of different provinces, who will compete in the pageant –


Miss World Spain 2020 Meet the Delegates


Mireia Lopez from Albacete (Age: 23 Years, Height: 174 cm)

Ada Quintana from Alicanate (Age: 23 years, Height: 170 cm)

Ana García from Almeria (Age: 23 years, Height: 180 cm)

Rubely Mejía from Araba (Age: 21 years, Height: 178 cm)

Sandra Muñiz from Asturias (Age: 19 years, Height: 176 cm)

Carmen Díaz from Avila (Age: 25 years, Height: 170 cm)

Laura Dominguez from Badajoz (Age: 18 years, Height: 175 cm)

Sabela Álvarez from Barcelona (Age: 25 years, Height: 178 cm)

Romina Amieva from Biscay (Age: 20 years, Height: 180 cm)

Elsa García-Tuñon from Burgos (Age: 19 years, Height: 171 cm)

Susana Mayoral from Cáceres (Age: 20 years, Height: 183 cm)

Nerea Ponce from Cadiz (Age: 19 years, Height: 175 cm)

Cárla Moro from Cantabria (Age: 20 years, Height: 166 cm)

Sandra Navarro from Castellon (Age: 20 years, Height: 170 cm)

Lucia Heredia from Ceuta (Age: 23 years, Height: 171 cm)

Patrícia Martínez from Ciudad Real (Age: 20 years, Height: 179 cm)

María Roldán from Cordoba (Age: 21 years, Height: 169 cm)

Andrea Rodríguez from Cuenca (Age: 22 years, Height: 172 cm)

Laura Mora from Girona (Age: 23 years, Height: 176 cm)

Carmen Cerrillo from Granada (Age: 23 years, Height: 183 cm)

Oricia Dominguez from Guadalajara (Age: 26 years, Height: 174 cm)

Leire Merino from Gipuzkoa (Age: 19 years, Height: 176 cm)

Claudia Mera from Huelva (Age: 21 years, Height: 176 cm)

Cárla Domenech from Huesca (Age: 22 years, Height: 175 cm)

Nerea Mas from Illes Balears (Age: 17 years, Height: 169 cm)
Ines García from Jaen (Age: 22 years, Height: 169 cm)

Maria Gundín from A Coruña (Age: 17 years, Height: 175 cm)

Ruth Aldea from La Rioja (Age: 22 years, Height: 169 cm)

Cárla Benitez from Las Palmas (Age: 20 years, Height: 176 cm)

Natalia Alvarez from Leon (Age: 18 years, Height: 172 cm)

Nuria Gombau from Lledia (Age: 25 years, Height: 179 cm)

Blanca Aguilera from Malaga (Age: 22 years, Height: 174 cm)

Desiree Brampton from Madrid (Age: 21 years, Height: 182 cm)

Catalina Martínez from Melilla (Age: 17 years, Height: 183 cm)

Isabel Bolet from Murcia (Age: 24 years, Height: 167 cm)

Lorea Ibañez from Navarra (Age: 20 years, Height: 175 cm)

Lucia Lamas from Ourense (Age: 19 years, Height: 181 cm)

Gema Torres from Palencia (Age: 25 years, Height: 172 cm)

Cristina García from Pontevedra (Age: 25 years, Height: 176 cm)

Maria Gomez from Salamanca (Age: 20 years, Height: 170 cm)

Cynthia Martin from Segovia (Age: 21 years, Height: 177 cm)

Marina Pérez from Sevilla (Age: 25 years, Height: 183 cm)

Eve Denayer from Soria (Age: 20 years, Height: 181 cm)

Elisabeth Borne from Tarragona (Age: 25 years, Height: 174 cm)

Amelia Fuentes from Tenerife (Age: 24 years, Height: 172 cm)

Sara Bottle from Teruel (Age: 25 years, Height: 172 cm)

Alba Merenciano from Toledo (Age: 22 years, Height: 162 cm)

Rosa Nouvilas from Valencia (Age: 23 years, Height: 176 cm)

Elena Cesteros from Valladolid (Age: 18 years, Height: 175 cm)

Carla Lopez from Zamora (Age: 19 years, Height: 175 cm)

Laura Cerdán from Zaragoza (Age: 21 years, Height: 165 cm)

Miss Word Spain 2019 Maria Del Mar Aguilera represented Spain at Miss World 2019 and was placed at Top 40. She was appreciated by the audience and the judges for her stellar performance and made her standing in the competition.