Luisina Ojeda for Miss International Argentina 2020 crown?

06 May 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Since the pandemic outbreak in the world, beauty pageants and everything related have been put on hold for safety reasons. Miss Universe Organization advised the national directors to either appoint their first runner-up from last year to represent the respective country at the Miss Universe 2020 stage or hold a coronation ceremony after the situation gets better or hold a private casting where they can crown/appoint the next representative of the respective country.

The Tsar of Beauty, Osmel Sousa will be appointing the successor of Miss Universe Argentina 2019 Mariana Varela. Osmel also mentioned that along with Miss Universe Argentina 2020, he will also be appointing Miss International Argentina 2020 with the same process. One of the five finalists in the past Miss Universe Argentina 2019 will be the one who represents the country at Miss Universe 2020 and Miss International Argentina 2020. The five finalists are Aldana Masset, Florencia Melanie De Palo, Luisina Ojeda, Alina Luz Akselrad, and Juli García.

Luisina Ojeda from Currents is one of the finalists from Miss Universe Argentina 2019 seems like a front runner for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Argentina at Miss International 2020.



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Luisina is 23-years-old and stands 175cm tall. She is a journalist, plays the piano and speaks English. At just 17 years old, Luisina Ojeda left her parents' house in Corrientes capital and settled in Buenos Aires to pursue her dreams. Six years later, the bet paid off well, since she not only managed to work as a model, but was one of the 13 finalists of Miss Argentina 2019. She is also a hostess for Guido Kaczka in Another Family Night, but in the past, she won a hair beauty pageant for a shampoo brand, he bowled at Millennials and was an assistant to Nicolás Occhiato at We Have Wifi.

She is a journalist graduated from the South American Institute for the Teaching of Communication (ISEC), she has two years left to receive a degree in Audio-visual Communication at the National University of San Martín and studies acting. Luisina stated "I study English and did dubbing and neutral language courses. I would like to go to the United States to learn the language and live for a time in New York or Los Angeles.”

“When I came to Buenos Aires it was a very difficult experience, I had just finished high school. I had never been on a subway in my life, and I went from being with my family to being completely alone. I had to learn and mature a lot at once. I did a lot of castings, I bounced around in many agencies, until I was finally there,” stated the beautiful diva.

Luisina prior to Miss Universe Argentina 2019 was crowned as Miss Teenager Argentina 2013 when she was 17-years-old. Since then, she has always dreamt to be represent Argentina at international level but she nearly missed her chance in Miss Universe Argentina 2019 where she was adjudged as the second-runner-up. She has worked with various designers and brands to not only gain experience but also to finesse her performance at the beauty pageants. She is quick at learning new things and techniques to better her performance on-stage and feels that changing according to the situation is the need of every beauty queen.



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The diva advocates about veganism or vegetarianism and feels that even though it is a strong topic to talk on but it is one of the things she believes in and would like to tell the world as well. She keeps her routine in check with working out, playing tennis, long jumps, fabric, trapeze, eating healthy food to maintain her body. In the gym she combines spinning, yoga, boxing, and do functional.

Luisina lives with her boyfriend and states that he has always been a motivating factor in her life and always supported her to follow her dreams. She feels that if she is crowned Miss International Argentina 2020, she will be able to achieve a platform where she can showcase how women of Argentina are and advocate about the world peace through mutual understanding with the organization. She wants to change the mindset of the people who think beauty pageants simply select and crown good looking women but little do they know that the candidates must work very hard to make the journey easy. 

With her experience, positivity, and humble attitude, she can be a front runner to represent Argentina at Miss International 2020. Last year, Milena Sofía Judt from Buenos Aires represented Argentina at Miss International 2019 but unfortunately didn’t place.