Frida Maczkó crowned Miss International Hungary 2018

01 May 2018 | Angelique Reyes

At the event finale of Miss International Hungary 2018 which was held on Saturday 28th April 2018, Frida Maczkó was crowned the new winnerThe pageant was held a little differently this year. The audiences got the right to vote for the Top 3 finalists, and the judges then decided their placements. Frida Maczkó, a 22-year-old student living in Budapest, succeeded Miss International Hungary 2017 Rebeka Hartó and will now represent Hungary at the upcoming Miss International 2018. 

Here is the crowning moment of the beauty queen - 



The panel of jury consisted of Rebecca Hart, Flóra Nagy, Linda Szunai and Luis C. Cano. On her terrific win, Miss International Hungary 2018 expressed her emotions in a heartfelt post, saying "I was very surprised by the crown, but of course I was happy. My first job will be refreshing the English language, and there is a lot of preparation for me before the October pageant in Tokyo.” 


Frida Maczkó crowned Miss International Hungary 2018

(Photo Credits: Miss International Hungary Facebook Official)

Miss International Hungary’s website also explained why it’s different from other beauty pageants as they wrote, "The preparation and wide-ranging training of the contestants is taken very seriously: we believe that the lucky external qualities combined with internal values provide a real chance for a successful career.

The tournament, the crown is not the end of the road at us, on the contrary: the beginning of a successful career. That is why we help girls in our team to succeed in every possible way in any area of life.

We believe that the title of a queen is not just a privilege but a duty to make sure that our competitors are worthy of representing our country in the world in their behavior and spirit.

The background staff is selected from the most prepared people by strict requirements: they make sure that we create our own, unique, unmistakable, unique image.

Because our queens are diplomats of beauty who stand anywhere in the world.

In a unique way in Hungary, the final stage of the beauty contest takes place in a reality show. In doing so, the audience can follow the daily lives of the contestants online, be an active part of the adventures in the training camp and decide who should leave the race day after day. The Beauty Pageant Reality Show is definitely highlighting the Miss International Hungary series of events in the domestic beauty contest. "

Hungary is yet to pioneer its win at Miss International pageant. Will Miss International Hungary 2018 Frida Maczkó be the first Miss International winner from Hungary?