Bianca Păduraru to no longer to represent Romania at Miss International 2021

17 Mar 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 60th edition of Miss International i.e., Miss International 2021 will be held in the month of November in Yokohama, Japan, where delegates from all over the country will compete for the title. The winner will succeed Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand for the title.

Recently, CEO of Miss International, Stephen Diaz announced that the age limit to participate at the competition is between 18-28 years by the final night in November 2021. The organization specifically mentioned that there is no increase in the age limit even though Miss International 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic outbreak.

Keeping the announcement in mind, Miss International Romania organization announced that their representative Bianca Paduraru is no longer eligible to represent Romania at Miss International 2021 as she will be turning 29-years-old in the month of September 2021 which makes her a year elder to the age limit required. Thus, the organization has decided to replace the beauty queen with someone within the age limit who has the same potential and zeal to represent the country just like Bianca does.



According to some sources Miss International organization was aware about her age and accepted her as an official candidate. Now, after the announcement, they are expecting Miss International Romania organization to replace the candidate. The pageant fanatics have not appreciated the decision taken by Miss International organization as Bianca showcased immense dedication and determination to not only perform her best on-stage but also win the title. She has been carrying out her crown duties with full sincerity and focus. 

Bianca Paduraru was crowned Miss International Romania 2020 during the Romanian Info Fashion Festival on 17th October 2020. She had been preparing herself for the competition focusing on her walk, communication, tips, and techniques. She is the founder of MP Kids Academy where children are offered courses in theater, diction, dance, creative workshops, English, and modeling. Miss Romania organization is yet to announce the name of the diva who will be replacing Bianca Paduraru at Miss International 2021.