Radka Grendová crowned Miss International Slovakia 2018

30 Apr 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Slovensko 2018 (Miss Slovakia 2018) came to an end with a grand finale that saw the crowning of Slovakia’s next representative for Miss World. Miss Slovensko 2017 Hanka Závodná crowned her successor, Miss Slovensko 2018 Dominika Grecová in a ceremony full of beauty and excitement.

The ceremony also saw the crowning of the representative for the Miss International 2018 pageant. The first runner-up of Miss Slovensko 2018, Radka Grendová, was crowned Miss International Slovakia 2018. Later this year, Radka will travel to the Miss International competition, where Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana will crown her successor.

20-year-old Radka Grendova stands tall at a height of 180 cm. She works at the Filozofická fakulta UK. Her hobbies include travelling, reading, playing sports, and skiing.

She entered the Miss Slovakia competition by herself, without any external push to do so. Her curiosity has led her throughout the competition and she looks at it as an opportunity for her to try and experience something new.


Radka Grendová crowned Miss International Slovakia 2018


But what gets us really excited about this beauty is her hair. It might sound odd, but, her hair is the ultimate goal that a lot of women want to achieve. Apparently, Radka is as obsessed with her hair, as we are. Her Instagram feed is filled up to the brim with the beauty queen’s beautiful portraits with the main emphasis on her hair.

A few days before the final, Miss Press was awarded after votes were cast by accredited journalists, selecting 18-year-old Jasmina Tatyova, who later became the second runner-up and also won Miss Pierot 2018.

During the finale, which was broadcast live by TV JOJ, several titles were also awarded. Radka Grendová won the title of Miss Drive and also won the title Miss Pleasant Voice later. The winners of the Miss Gosh category were voted online at www.goshcosmetics.sk. Katarína Ocovanová from Hrinová won the title, by popular demand. Receiving the most votes, 21-year-old Nicole Hromkovic, from Bratislava, won the title of Eva Miss Sympatia. The title was decided upon by the viewers of the finale.

For the finalists, however, the Miss Slovakia project does not end at the finale evening. Several activities have been planned in advance. In May, is their visit to Liptovská Osada, and in August awaits a joint holiday in Turkey at the 5-star resort of Trendy Hotels, from Hydrotour.