Betina Margni to represent Uruguay at Miss International 2021

16 Feb 2021 | Ana Walia

Betina Jantan Margni Villas is going to represent Uruguay at Miss International 2021 that is scheduled to take place in November 2021. Betina’s win is historic as the country is going to participate at Miss International after 20 years. Betina feels honored and blessed that she has had the opportunity to represent the country at Miss International 2021. Miss International 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic outbreak in the world.  

During an interview, she shared that she feels that with the title she has right now, she can showcase her culture to the people of the world and she couldn’t be prouder. Betina was Miss International Uruguay 2019 but some reason she was not able to travel but she will be representing the country at Miss International 2021.



Hailing from Dolores Soriano, Betina is 23-years-old and has earned her license as a swimming and artistic gymnastics coach. She won the Maybelline models talent show on Uruguayan television, which opened a lot of doors of opportunities for her and made her evolve as a better person. The diva is kind, humble, and confident with herself and believes that she will be able to make the people of Uruguay proud.

Betina shared, “Girls around the world embrace their femininity when they really want to do it and when they don't impose it. But there is something about Latina woman that comes out naturally. We seriously try to look good and feel good about ourselves, about our body and appearance, we are also strong and independent woman! Therefore, most of us love to feel sexy and take pride in our femininity.”



The diva strongly believes in the quote, “Work hard to reach your goals,” and has urged everyone to keep working hard for their goals in life. While growing up the diva had no basic amenities that are required to survive and after she was 19, the family shifted to the capital city and she started working for her dreams and ambitions. She defines herself as liberal, modest, and charitable is looking forward to represent the country at Miss International 2021.  She is strong, confident, and determined towards being her best on-stage.