Meet Jasmine Gerhardt – The official representative of Ireland at 72nd Miss World

21 Mar 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Jasmine Gerhardt was crowned Miss Ireland 2023 on 4th November 2023 at Crowne Plaza, Dublin as she became the official representative of Ireland at Miss World 2024. Her predecessor Ivanna McMohan Miss Ireland 2022 crowned Jasmine as her successor. Ivanna is also preparing to represent Ireland at Miss World 2023.



Jasmine was 25 years of age when she was crowned Miss Ireland 2023. She is a law graduate from Dublin with a master’s degree in Human Rights and European Union Law. Chasing the dream of becoming Miss Ireland, Jasmine achieved her goal after seven years of rigorous training and harboring the dream in her heart. Jasmine also competed at Miss Ireland 2022 where Ivanna won and placed as her first runner-up.

When Jasmine won the national crown, she took to her official social media as she wrote, “I have chased the dream of becoming Miss Ireland for over seven years and i cannot believe I am saying this but I am MISS IRELAND 2023. I can’t thank everyone enough for this opportunity, for supporting me , for believing in me and sticking by my side for all this time. I cannot wait to show the world what Irish women stand for and who we are. To my beautiful parents I thank you both for being my rock over the last few years you both are my best friends, role models and what I live for.”



Thank you to absolutely everyone you all know who you are especially my amazing friends who show up for me always. For every young women or girl reading this.. I have one message - never give up on your dreams , life will get you down but always trust the process and in God .. you are deserving and you will always be gifted what is yours. I cannot wait to be at your service Ireland I adore you”, she added.

Jasmine’s always spoken about how she aspires to work for United Nations and travel to developing nations where women’s voices go unheard. She also got a chance to visit a refugee camp in Lebanon where she witnessed the plight of women and children, displaced from their Syrian homes from the war in search of safety. Through her reign, Jasmine intends to effect change by providing these resilient individuals with education and support, aiming to transform their circumstances and offer them the opportunities they deserve and need.



Jasmine is also involved with ‘Aoibhneas’, a non-profit organization in Dublin aiding women and children facing domestic abuse. She has contributed to offering essential legal aid, support and sense of community. “With my legal expertise, I’m fully committed to championing women’s rights and changing the lives of young women through education”, she also quoted.

Miss World 2024 will be the 72nd edition of the Miss World pageant where the winner of Miss World 2023 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. The current Miss World is Karolina Bielawska of Poland.