Miss Israel 2020 Top 4 Early Hot Picks

30 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Israel is all set to host its current year edition, i.e. Miss Israel 2020, where stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Israel at Miss Universe 2020. The pageant also sends a representative to Miss World 2020 even though the pageant did not send any representative in the last two years.

Twelve contestants have been selected from all over the country to compete at the pageant which boasts of stunning and confident ladies. We’ve selected the top 4 delegates we think have potential to be front runners for the title. So, let’s check them out.

Tehila Levi is 18-years-old and is considered as one of the strongest contenders for the title. Levi has previously engaged in volunteer activities with children with special needs. The issue is close to her heart as she has a brother diagnosed with autism. She feels connected to these children and wants to help them in the future and maybe even work as a communications clinician. In 2017, she participated in the Southern Beauty Contest and won the Birth right of the Year Award.


Miss Israel 2020 Top 4 Early Hot Picks


Noa Teomi is 23-years-old and hails from Yehud. Noa is working as a model as well as studying to get into medical school. She is fond of reading and practicing yoga as it helps her to stay calm and stress-free. She is beautiful, strong and confident of her performance and personality. She has gained experience by working with renowned brands and designers in Israel. Noa’s strong personality with her skills can help her win the title.


Miss Israel 2020 Top 4 Early Hot Picks


Chen Shaul is 20-years-old and hails from Bat Yam. Chen dreams of becoming independent and engaging in dentistry, an area she has come to know most closely in the military. She wants to continue her work as a dentist in the civilian role. She is always busy, but never forgets to spend time with her siblings. Her gorgeous curly hair enhances her beauty and she is one of the strongest contenders for the title. The diva is very excited for her new journey.


Chen Shaul Finalist Miss Israel 2020


Ailer Babayev is 22-years-old and hails from Petach Tikva. She immigrated to Israel in 2003 from Turkmenistan. She studies sewing and works as a waitress, and wants to fit into the modelling world and that’s why decided to participate in Miss Israel 2020. About two years ago she experienced paralysis in her face and was hospitalized for several weeks. But after a lot of work, support and motivation from friends, family and doctors she recovered. She is a foodie and likes to eat junk food but balances it out with working out. She is beautiful and her face is very attractive. She can be a strong contender for the win.


Ailer Babayev Finalist Miss Israel 2020

(Photo Credits: Miss Israel Official)