Miss Trans Israel winner to compete in Miss Israel 2018

16 Feb 2018 | Camilla Suarez

With her long legs, piercing green eyes, high cheekbones, plump pink lips and lustrous black hair, when you look at Taline Abu Hanna, a name you know very well through ‘Big Brother’ and gossip columns, is ready all charged up to put step into Miss Israel 2018 competition and add another feature into her cap.  

But the journey of this beauty has been nothing but full of hardships. From her transformation around 3 years back to being the topic of discussion in the gossips columns, this 23-year-old queen has seen it all and her journey has made her nothing but more stronger.

It started in 2016, when Taline participated in Miss Trans Israel 2016 and won the competition, she made a statement in her humble way that she doesn’t believe in living in the traditional way and wants to break boundaries.


Miss Trans Israel winner to compete in Miss Israel 2018

(Photo Credit - Talleen Abu Hanna Facebook Official)

“I'm used to breaking boundaries and I'm glad I have the opportunity," she says. "I understood that I could change people's opinions and this is a gift from God, not only about trans-sexualism, but about every person who is different, because I contain a lot of me: I am an Arab Christian, an Israeli, I grew up in Nazareth. Today I am in Tel Aviv. If I present it in the right way, I can bring more enlightenment, acceptance and free love, I wish that through this competition I will be able to truly convey these messages. "

The same year she went on to participate in Miss Trans Star competition in Barcelona, Spain where she again proved her worth by placing second in the competition.

Then, came the time for the various gossipmongers just after her win, what added fuel to the fire was her ‘Big Brother’ journey but Taline didn’t deter from her path to success. Crossing each path and considering them a stepping stone in her way, Taline has learned to appreciate the importance of learning and growing.

“I always dreamed of being in the beauty queen contest, and everyone wanted me to be the beautiful queen, but it was a distant dream and I did not think it could come true.”

But it came true and how. Now that she has entered the national pageant and is one step away from the crown, she is dreaming big.

“I love to dream and to go far, when I entered the competition, I already imagined being Miss Universe, and my influence must be there. The world is hungry and thirsty for enlightenment and acceptance.  I live in a democratic country, but in the countries around us who send representation to world competition, I urge them to live in peace with themselves. First of all, I made peace between my body and my soul, you should also do that, this way we all can give hope to others in society.”