All about Miss Kazakhstan 2022 Tomiris Kakimova

10 Feb 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Kazakhstan organization announced the appointment of Tomiris Kakimova as the new Mis Kazakhstan as the previous titleholder Diana Tashimbetova was disqualified from the title. The transition occurred in January as Tomiris will now take over all the responsibilities of Miss Kazakhstan 2022.

Tomiris is 19 years of age. She previously held the title of vice Miss Kazakhstan 2022. She works as a model with Silence Models. Tomiris is a confident person and has ways for others to incite confidence in themselves as well; according to her, loving yourself using different techniques like standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself how you feel. Another way is to write down one’s every success and read it again on important days.



There is currently a bid going on for each country for the license of Miss Universe, so, if the current organization win the bid with a higher deal then she still will have the right to compete at Miss Universe 2023.

Aziza Tokashova was the last participant of Kazakhstan to compete at Miss Universe in 2021 as the country withdrew its participation from Miss Universe’s last edition. The country has never won a placement in Miss Universe.