Jessica Kang Miss London 2020 for Miss England 2020

29 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss England 2020 will be hosting its grand coronation ceremony later this year where gorgeous beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent England in Miss World 2020. Miss England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

25-years-old Jessica Kang was crowned as Miss London 2020 via virtual contest who will be competing at Miss England 2020 for the title as well as an opportunity to represent England at Miss World 2020 stage. The diva works at the HR department of Ealing Council and as a professional model. She always dreamt of representing England at international stage but due to her job which is mostly a sitting job, Jessica had gained a lot of weight and had lost all the hope to be a beauty queen.



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Jessica enjoys her role as the HR of the council as she believes that there is much to learn and progress and her relationship with her colleagues is brilliant, just like a family. But when the desire to be a beauty queen was still in her somewhere and after she met her partner Roan who himself is a qualified personal trainer, she felt motivated and inspired by his presence. With Roan’s help and her dedication to see the change in herself, Jessica started working out and lost all the extra weight. She mentioned, “I put the hard work in at the gym and it all paid off, ever since, I’m addicted to fitness and bettering my health. When the gym was open, I would go 5 times a week after work.”

The diva believes that once you have made up your mind to achieve something, there is nothing in the world that can stop you. She feels so blessed and excited that she is going to represent London at Miss England 2020 stage. She feels grateful for the opportunities she has achieved till now as being able to work with designers and brands in England to gain some modelling experience.

Even though, this is her first ever beauty pageant, she is very confident and dedicated for winning the title. She stated, “I am focusing on my diet and eating the correct amount, my macros have dropped as the intensity of my workouts aren’t that great as being in the gym. So, whatever I eat depends on my workouts ideally.” The diva wants to bring awareness for altruism within the community by motivating people to give their time or resources to a cause and encouraging positivity. She is kind and positive and believes that being kind can do the simplest things one can’t even imagine and wants to represent and kindness that can jump start a whole cascade of positive social consequences.



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Jessica also talks about coming from an Asian background and being in an inter-racial relationship, she states, “Coming from an Asian background and being in an interracial relationship, I have faced some difficulties. There have been many taboos around being with someone that is from outside my culture. So, I would like to represent others that are facing the same challenges and that are struggling to be themselves and to be free. I want to empower and support people, making sure everyone uses their voice, and they’re living for themselves and not for other people.”

Jessica is preparing herself for the competition and working on her body angles, postures, on-stage walk, communication, and interview skills. She is also working on preparing herself mentally and emotionally for the competition as it is necessary for beauty queens to be ready. She can be a strong contender at Miss England 2020 stage, because one can clearly understand how determined she is to win. In her introduction video, the diva started off by thanking the front liners who are working tirelessly to help in stopping the spread of the virus. She also mentioned that she is staying positive and strong in such times and using this time to know herself better and take care of herself as much as she can.