Finalists of Miss Malaysia World 2015 Announced during Press Presentation

24 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

The Miss Malaysia World 2015 which is scheduled to be held on August 29’ 2015 has announced its top 19 finalists for the finals. All the 19 finalists who have been chosen deserve to win the crown of Miss Malaysia World 2015. The finalists which includes a doctor, a professional model and tertiary students, were announced during a packed press conference at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur on August 22, 2015.

Miss Malaysia World 2015 pageant licensee and organizer Dato’ Anna Lim introduced the contestants to the press and said, “I am very excited to announce this year’s finalists and very pleased to see these smart and beautiful girls blossom into charming and elegant young ladies through their participation in this pageant.” The 19 finalists gave a brief introduction about themselves to the media and later adorned the stage walking in their swimsuit.

The finalists were personally selected by Dato’ Anna Lim, a former Miss Malaysia Universe 1990 and Mrs Malaysia World 2004/2005 drawing upon her own experiences and knowledge about being a successful beauty queen. The press presentation was attended by a series of special guests which included, Corus Hotel Malayisa vice-president Raymond Yeoh, Metrojaya head of marketing and visual merchandising Conny Looi, Miss Malaysia World 2014 Dewi Liana Seriestha, first runner-up Bob Low, second runner-up Cassandra Devi, third runner-up Dhivya Dhyana, and Miss Malaysia World 2013 first runner-up Loreal Mok.

The selected 19 finalists are staying at Corus Hotel as their training camp where the beauties are going through a series of training and grooming to prepare themselves for the grand finale on August 29’ 2015. Under a team of specialised trainee, the delegates are going through training under personal grooming, runway walking, styling and personal enrichment.


Finalists of Miss Malaysia World 2015 Announced during Press Presentation


Finalists of Miss Malaysia World 2015 Announced during Press Presentation


The Grand finale will witness the 19 finalists competing for the slot of top 5 finalists through two tier rounds of swimsuit and evening gown. The winner out of the top 5 will then be selected on the basis of the Question and Answer session by a panel of distinguished judges comprising notable personalities in Malaysia. The 19 finalists who will be competing for the Miss Malaysia World 2015 finals are - Beatrice Lee, Brynn Zalina Lovett, Catherine Chow Kit May, Chia Youn Khoon, Crystal Wang, Dhiva Sakti Yogandran, Diana Sim Siew Ling, Ellie Elyana, Grace Yan Hui Xin, Kok Annie, Kua Xin Yi (Shindy), Mae-Ziele Nyara Joseph, Melinda Lee Chen Ling, Narishma Tiwari a/p Karam Shankar, Natasha Aprillia j.s Benggon, Pareesha Nayar, Santhawan Boonratana,Serene Chai Yong Bin and Venagary Rajee.