Nicole Agius to represent Malta in Miss International 2020?

04 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

After a terrible mix up at Miss Malta 2020 coronation night held on 28th February 2020 where Nicole Agius was supposedly the winner of Miss Republic of Malta 2020, the stunning beauty has taken over the reigning responsibilities holding the national title. The organization cleared the mix up through their official social media and now Nicole could be the official delegate of Miss International 2020 representing Malta, though no official confirmation has been made by the organization.



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Nicole represented Attard at the national contest holding the state title of Miss Attard 2020. This is the second time she is holding the title of Miss Republic of Malta 2020 as she did so before in 2018. Nicole, overwhelmed, is all set to talk about her advocacy and taking a bigger platform than she had in 2018. The Maltese beauty adovactes about ADHD, something very close to her heart. She suffers from ADHD as well and never expected people to give her such a strong reaction.

I never expected that I would get such a strong response from people with this condition and I never thought I would be an ADHD ambassador”, she said. Nicole also quoted, “I want to make a difference, I want to use this platform to help the younger generation grow! And finally I can make a difference. Miss Malta gave me great opportunities, and also a family where I was welcomed with open arms.”



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In our opinion, Nicole will be the ideal representative to represent Malta at an international platform such as Miss International 2020. There was a small hint though she was seen quoting, “I still cannot believe that I will represent our country abroad, and I will do my best to make the Maltese proud. If you dream, you are capable of achieving those dreams. With so much work and dedication you come! You will find great obstacles in front of you but just focus on what you really want!