Lisandra Chirinos Guillén for Miss International Venezuela 2020?

04 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Venezuela 2020, the 67th edition of Miss Venezuela, will host its coronation night on 21st May 2020 where twenty-four delegates will compete for the national title and the opportunity to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2020. The pageant will also crown the winners who will represent the country at Miss World 2020 and Miss International 2020.

Amidst all the other excellent contenders Lisandra Chirinos Guillén from Valencia makes an excellent choice to represent Venezuela at Miss International 2020 pageant. Lisandra is 24-years-old and stands 177cm tall. She is a student of Social Communication and works as professional model. She is dedicated towards beauty pageants and wants to emerge as the winner of the Miss International Venezuela 2020 title.



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The diva is not new to the pageantry as she has previously participated in Mini Venezuela 2006, Miss Carabobo 2012, Miss Tursimo Carabobo 2014, Miss Carabobo 2016 where she was elected as the winner and headed to the national crowning of Miss Venezuela 2016. The diva has not only participated in various beauty pageants but has worked with some acclaimed designers, brands and photographers in Venezuela to learn the art of posing perfectly and walk on-stage. She has always been an active on-stage which makes her a potential choice for the win.

On asking about what motivated her to participate for Miss Venezuela 2020, the diva explained that she has a purpose in life and has visualized herself at the stage of Miss Venezuela 2020. It is her dream that little by little where the world is proceeding towards being materialization, she aspires to learn and enrich herself from this beautiful experience.  Just thinking that being at Miss Venezuela 2020 opens a window for her to speak and being a spokesperson for a positive message to society motivated her to participate and stay focused to win the title.



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She mentioned that she was having lunch with her mother, and when someone in her family told her that the call was from Miss Venezuela Organization, she immediately put the phone on loudspeaker so that they could listen and to verify that she was not dreaming. She especially mentioned that making her parents proud will always be the best reason her life.

Lisandra states that the most valuable thing that she can say to the girls out there which has been one of the inspiration to achieve her goals is to renew faith every day and to know that God loves us as we are and we must not demonstrate anything other than our unique essence. Dreams come true if we work with love and hard work!



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For the past eight years, together with her family, she has rescued abandoned animals to give them up for adoption. She dedicates herself to going to the closest hospitals in her region, especially to the children's oncology and maternity waiting room to give a message. of hope. Likewise, it delivers food and clothing that they collect in good condition.

Lisandra loves to workout and stay healthy and fit. She mentions that the best workout is always going to be outdoors and breathe fresh air or just chill in the pool.

With such strong mindset and experience, Lisandra Chirinos Guillén from Valencia is one of the strongest contenders for the title and a chance to represent Venezuela at Miss International 2020. She strongly believes that anything can be achieved with dedication and determination and she is putting her best effort to ace the competition.