Miss England 2017 Finalist Zoelea Dale’s unusual talent will leave you impressed!

10 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss England 2017 is scheduled to be held on 14th July’17. One of the finalists of the pageant has it all to make everyone amazed.Zoelea Dale, Miss Manchester 2017 is beautiful, talented and strong enough as she can lift almost twice her own body weight.

The contestants are already preparing to present the best of talents they have. But, Zoelea has plans to impress the judges in a slightly different way.

The reigning Miss Manchester will use her weightlifting skills as her talent when she represents Manchester at the national beauty pageant on Friday. While most of the contestants opt to sing, dance and play musical instruments, Zoelea is one such beauty who has this amazing talent and will surely impress the judges. The beauty discovered this skill after years as a North West champion swimmer.

She will be paying tribute to the Manchester Arena terror attack victims by designing a dress decorated with 22 bees to represent the 22 who died.

She said, “I’ve lifted my brother and he’s 16 and a half stone! It’s my mission now, who is the heaviest person I can lift?

“When the team from Miss England came to film my skill for the talent round they wanted to film me weight-lifting, but I said why not make it more fun and so I lifted up one of the men in the camera team.” I’ve been a swimmer for years and that does develop a lot of core strength, but when I started my degree I noticed I was quite naturally strong as well.

"I love to weight train now for technique and for fitness.”She ended.

Well, it will be exciting to watch the tough woman making it through the contest with her great talent and skills. 


Miss England 2017 Finalist Zoelea Dale’s unusual talent will leave you impressed!