Miss Jalisco 2019 Mariana Macias crowned Miss Grand Mexico 2021

02 Jul 2021 | Ana Walia

The 4th edition of Miss Mexico, i.e., Miss Mexico 2021 was held a few hours ago at the Salón Lago Di Como by Castalia in Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico, where Jalisco’s Mariana Macias was crowned as Miss Grand Mexico 2021 at the end of the event finale. She succeeded Miss Grand Mexico 2020 Angela Yuriar for the title and will represent Mexico at Miss Grand International 2021.

Miss Jalisco 2019 Mariana Macias Ornelas is 24-years-old and stands 178 cm tall. She has a degree in Marketing from the University of Guadalajara campus CUCEA. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and sports. Thanks to this, she has developed professionally by starting her own business.



Mariana’s motivation is to be better every day and this has led her to improve herself, achieving different professional certifications, such as weight and spinning instructor, training for women, weightlifting, state judge of bodybuilding physique, and a certificate of managerial skills for entrepreneurs endorsed by the SEP. She is fluent in English and is studying Portuguese.

In one of her interviews, she mentioned, "I am one of those who think 'work in silence and let the results speak for you', and it is just what I have been doing. Thus, I have managed to stand out in some challenges such as knowledge, where they qualify intellectual capacity. That fills me with pride."

Mariana shared that while she was growing up, she had experienced problems with being overweight and with the challenge of focusing her health towards the positive. The diva began a change that encouraged her to work from an emotional and personal, professional, and social improvement. "There is a lot of magic that wants to come out and the world needs women with stars," she said.

The diva, who excelled throughout the competition, is thrilled to be representing Mexico at Miss Grand International 2021 and can't wait to get started on her preparations. She is beautiful, confident, and focused on performing her best on-stage and making Mexico proud. For the past three years, the beauty queen has participated in various altruistic activities in her community and has been working on a personal project called "pedaling and giving a smile," in which she hopes to contribute by motivating people to exercise to combat obesity and providing food and supplies to the most vulnerable.



Mariana was also the winner of the Beach Beauty challenge and was highly appreciated for her performance. She shared a picture on her social media and mentioned, "After all the work, discipline and perseverance come the rewards." She feels blessed to be a part of such a prestigious organization that helps her to do what she loves and gives her a platform to reach out to a massive audience and have an impact on society.

Miss Jalisco 2019 Mariana Macias Ornelas will start preparing for the competition and, with her dedication and focus, she will be able to perform at her best and make everyone proud and happy. She is grateful for the opportunities that have allowed her to grow into a confident and strong woman.

During the finale of Miss Mexico 2021, where Miss Jalisco 2019 Mariana Macias was crowned Miss Grand Mexico 2021, Miss Michoacan 2019 Karolina Vidales was crowned Miss Mexico 2021 and she will represent Mexico at Miss World 2021.