Miss Universe Romania 2020 Bianca Lorena Tirsin confirms joining another pageant

02 Jul 2021 | Angelique Reyes

After a continuous streak of representing Romania at three of the biggest pageants in the world, reigning Miss Universe Romania 2020 Bianca Lorena Tirsin is already looking forward to follow other pageants as she refuses to give up on her dreams and is excited to represent Romania at yet another international pageant.

Bianca Tirsin, recently, went live on her social media handle where she interacted with her fans and aspiring beauty queens, sharing the details regarding Miss Universe Romania 2021 applications. Towards the end of the live session, Bianca revealed that she won't give up on her dream of becoming a beauty queen and will be competing for another beauty pageant soon.



Bianca said, “I have news also, from the beauty pageant world, but I will share it with you soon, probably after Miss Universe Romania. You need to stay tuned because great things are happening. I didn’t give up on my dream and I will continue to participate in beauty pageant. You need to stay tuned to see in which pageant I will come. I’m excited!”

Bianca is very accomplished being the first woman to represent Romania in three major international beauty pageants but seems like the diva is still very persistent in bringing home a crown. She represented Romania at the recent Miss Universe 2020 and was appreciated for her immense beauty and confidence but was unfortunately unplaced. She also represented Romania at Miss Supranational 2017 where she was adjudged as the second runner-up and then at Miss International 2018 where she was adjudged as the third runner-up.

She has assured her fans that she will be following another beauty pageant after she completes her duties as the reigning Miss Universe Romania but has left us all wondering where will we see her next. She is a confident, strong, and determined woman who always dreamt of representing Romania and making the country proud.



The diva volunteers at various organizations which aims to eliminate any form of domestic violence in Romania, to inform and provide support to people in need and she aspires to change the culture of taxation both nationally and internationally. She also works as an advocate for the children’s education as she believes in the power of education to transform lives and combating bullying in Romania. She is currently working as charitable spokesperson for charities such as Cetatea Voluntarilor, Fundatia Renasterea and others.

During the live, the diva also shared some important information regarding the applications of Miss Universe Romania 2021, guiding step by step through the application form. The hunt for Bianca’s successor has already begun as she herself prepares to shine through another beauty pageant.