Karolina Vidales emerging as the potential winner of Miss Mexico 2020

03 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Mexico 2020 organization has commenced its search for the delegates of different provinces from across the country who will vie for the crown of Miss Mexico 2020 and the opportunity to represent Mexico in Miss World 2020. However, there has not been any official announcement regarding the date and venue of the event, the pageant fanatics presume it to be sometime in August/September 2020.

With all the wishlists for the candidates being prepared as the potential winners, one name that is taking over the hearts of the audience is Miss Michoacán 2019 Karolina Vidales. The 22-year-old Karolina will be representing Michoacán at the national contest and stands 175 cm tall. Karolina also holds a license in International Relations and is a fluent speaker of English, French and German. Karolina has also completed her further studies at the Hochschule Osnabruck University in Germany.


Karolina Vidales emerging as the potential winner of Miss Mexico 2020


Recently, Karolina applied for the Ceneval exam where she obtained outstanding results, achieving an Excellence award, which is in addition to the recommendation issued by the Department of Marketing and International Business of the University of Guadalajara, achieving first place in achievement and leadership.

Following her coronation last year, in December, a tremendous accident occurred where a tourist passenger bus and an avocado torton truck collided. Karolina was in the bus and was injured after the dangerous crash in which the driver of the cargo truck was killed. She was in Morelia, hours before the accident, working to donate money for children with disabilities.


Karolina Vidales Finalist Miss world Mexico 2020


The accident definitely brough a lot of perspective in the Mexican diva’s life who is now recovering and preparing herself with compassion and dedication for the national crown. She has always stood out for her beauty and intelligence, through the state nationals to now. Karolina, in our opinion, is definitely a strong contender for Miss Mexico 2020.