Former Miss Minnesota USA Catherine Stanley’s journey from being a beauty queen to a role model

17 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Catherine Stanley was crowned Miss Minnesota USA 2019 was on 25th November 2018 at the Ames Centre, Minnesota. She then represented Minnesota at Miss USA 2019 pageant where she was placed at Top 15 but was considered as one of the strongest contenders for the title.

Catherine hails from Bloomington; is 22-years old and has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology from Baylor University. The diva was always very passionate about beauty pageants and fashion and her desire to represent her country at international platform made her participate in Miss Teen Minnesota USA 2014 where she represented Minnesota and won. She later went onto represent Minnesota at Miss Teen USA 2014 where she was unplaced. She didn’t give up and participated in Miss Minnesota USA 2019 and was declared as the winner at the end of the event finale. She was placed at the Top 15 at the Miss USA 2019 pageant.



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Catherine is one of the few contestants who is remembered for her positivity and kind behaviour during her stint at Miss USA 2019. She always tries to look for the positive outcome in things and being placed at Top 15 during the pageant has made her work hard even more. She loves to travel in order to gain experience and understand the world as she feels that meeting people and talking to them about their experience has helped her to shape herself in a better way. She is very curious about different cultures and would love to explore them in depth when she is visiting any country. She has visited almost five countries and every state in the US.

The diva advocates for the educating the public about mental illness and addiction as well as empowering and reminding girls and young women everywhere, that they can also overcome adversity and become whoever or whatever they want despite their fears, doubts or circumstances.



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Even though Catherine couldn’t win at Miss USA 2019 but she was highly appreciated for her performance during her journey at the pageant. Catherine also talks about body positivity because receiving some backlash during her stint made her think that there must be someone who talks about how hurtful some comments can be. The comments by people online or anyone in general affects directly the mental health of an individual which eventually hampers the entire life of that individual. She posted a picture on her social media account stating the same; “I almost didn’t post this because of my armpit fat. Then I thought to myself, that’s how my body and so many other bodies look and people need to see more authentic, unedited, unposed bodies on Instagram. So here ya go.”

Catherine has been motivating and supporting women empowerment all her life and when Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA 2019, Catherine was one of the supporters who took her social media account to state that how proud she was for her to win. Catherine in her reign as Miss Minnesota USA 2019 was very blessed and honoured to experience all the new things she had learnt. She is gorgeous, empowering and very self-assured in doing what she good at.



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Beauty queens like Catherine who have always worked hard to make lives of other people better and a bit comfortable are the kind of a role model young women need today. She may have not won the crown but sure she won many hearts and that is why she is still considered as one of the strongest and popular models in the field of beauty pageant. She works under Brown Agency, Caryn Model & Talent, and FORD Models as a professional model.