Miss World Italy 2016 finalists stage Flash Mob against Domestic Violence

09 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Mondo Italia also known as Miss World Italy is on the road to the finale with its 2016 edition. The pageant was first organised in the year 1954 and since then has been sending representatives to Miss World pageant. This year a total of 50 finalists are competing for the prestigious crown of Miss World Italy 2016.

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The 50 gorgeous contestants are busy with their Preliminary Competition and recently, staged a flash mob in Gallipoli last week to spread the trouble that many women in Italy are suffering from – the problem of Domestic Violence and forced feticide.


Miss Mondo Italia 2016 contestants support No Violence against Women


The delegates took to the streets outside the Dellavista Club Hotel and carried a 100ft long band of red cloth along the roads. The delegates carried the streak like a trail symbolising the agony and pain of the women who they hope to stand up for. 

“Last year alone (there were) 55 victims of violence or death (in Italy). A civilized society cannot pretend not to see and hear. ", said one of the contestants of Miss World Italy 2016.

Now that’s one good cause that the delegates are working for!! The finale of Miss Mondo Italia 2016 is scheduled to be held on June 11’ 2016, and one of the 50 finalists will earth right to represent Italy at Miss World 2016. Who are you rooting for..??

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