Espírito Santo’s Gabriela Botelho for Miss World Brazil 2020 crown?

17 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The 30th edition of Miss Brazil CNB (aka Miss Brasil Mundo) i.e., Miss World Brazil 2020, will be held on 28th June 2020 at Hotel Sibara Flat & Convenções in Balneário Camboriú. The gorgeous delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown as well as their chance to represent Brazil at Miss World 2020 stage. Miss Mundo Brasil 2019 Elís Miele Coelho will crown her successor by the end of the event finale.

While there is a list of delegates being confirmed by the organization for the competition, Gabriela Botelho has caught our attention. She is emerging as one of the potential winners for the title of Miss World Brasil 2020 and will be representing the state of Espírito Santo at the beauty pageant. Miss World Brasil 2020 is Gabriela’s first international beauty pageant and she has shown immense dedication and confidence for winning the title.



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The beautiful diva has been working as a professional model for a while and has been a muse for various designers, brands and photographers through which she has earned some experience as well as helped her to improve her skills on-stage and ace her performances.

Gabriela is very excited and honoured to be at a stage where she can represent her true culture, values and traditions to everyone. When she was crowned Miss Espírito Santo 2020, she posted a picture on her social media and explained that her life’s purpose is loving and serving everyone, spreading messages of peace and respect wherever she goes. To plant the seed of love and contribute to the formation of a safe, ideal and welcoming world for all human beings, without distinction. She called, "May all beings be happy and may my thoughts, words and deeds contribute to the happiness of all beings”, her mantra for life.

The diva aims to be at a stage where she can be a successful role model who has been able to impact the people’s life in positive and humble way. She has thanked everyone who has helped her and supported her throughout her journey towards Miss World Brasil 2020. She also mentioned that she wants to let everyone know that with hard work, dedication and determination one can achieve anything in life. She states that achieving dreams or getting near to goals a sense of inner peace which helps individuals give their best during the main event.



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Gabriela works for women empowerment and one of her social media posts states that how being a woman is a privilege and we should start embracing that fact that we are stronger than we think. She mentioned that women across the globe are linked to a series of challenges and barriers that together are gradually breaking down. Gabriela’s inspiration and role model is Malala Yusuf and quoting one of her quotes, she stated “I raise my voice, not so that I can scream, but so that those without a voice can be heard ... it is not possible to prosper when half the people are left behind. ” She is also a coordinator at NGO named NAACAO which works for the social entrepreneurs.

The diva is very particular about her health and fitness and keeps a regular check at her body. She tries to work out every day to maintain the body because according to her, a healthy and fit body gives you confidence and she wants to feel the confidence in her. She has a strict regime in which she takes some time out for herself and just enjoy her company. She is working on her skills she needs to ace for the finale event. 

With such confidence, dedication and hard work, Gabriela Botelho is emerging as potential winner for the title Miss World Brasil 2020. She has the skills and abilities to represent Brazil at Miss World 2020 pageant.