Miss Mundo Costa Rica 2020 Final Hot Picks

12 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

CNB Costa Rica is all set to host the finale on 15th October 2020 with seven stunning finalists competing for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Costa Rica in Miss World 2020. Miss Mundo Costa Rica 2019 Jéssica Jiménez Muñoz will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The competition began with fifteen delegates but only seven delegates have qualified to compete at the CNB Costa Rica 2020 but we’ve selected our top 3 delegates who we feel have the potential to represent Costa Rica at Miss World 2020 stage. Let’s look at the potential candidates:

Sue Chinchilla Bermúdez

Sue is 23-years-old and is considered as one of the strongest contenders for the title and she feels extremely proud of both the physical and personal progress that she has made during the year and competition. She states that the mental change that ultimately is here to stay. She wants to create an impact on the society, one that not only modifies the present but also ensures a better quality of life for the future generations and instils the values that both need to reinforce as a country. She is strong, focused, and dedicated to win the title and feels that she will be able to perform her best at the competition.



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Monserrat Blanco

Monse is 22-years-old and is a student of law and a human rights advocate who wishes to use the platform to advocate about human rights. She mentioned, “it still seems surreal to be in a top 7, to see again back and observe everything that I have evolved as a person thanks to this experience because although it was in the middle of a pandemic, I consider that it was because some purpose we had to fulfil through it.”  Monse is very positive, and hopeful and with her dedication and hard work, she will be able to make it to the last and even win the title.



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Yoylyn Jimenez

Yoylyn Jimenez is 18-years-old and is one of the strongest delegates to win the title and represent Costa Rica at Miss World 2020 stage. She had mentioned, “The truth is that all the girls are incredible and deserve all the good that happens. Regardless of the result, I took a lot of personal growth and incredible friends, the 13-year-old Yoylyn would NEVER have imagined the incredible and brave woman that the current 18-year-old Yoylyn becomes.” She is beautiful, strong, and determined to win the title and represent the home country at Miss World 2020 stage. She wants to use the platform to reach many people in the country and start the first NGO in the country in charge of promoting self-esteem and mental health.



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