Miss Mundo Panama´ 2022 Top 6 Hot Picks

22 Apr 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Mundo Panama´ 2022 is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 24th April 2022 at Teatro Balboa Avenida Arnulfo Arias Madrid 727-C, Panama City. The winner will succeed Miss Mundo Panama´ 2021 Krysthelle Barretto for the title.

Nineteen contestants will vie for the opportunity to win the national title on the night of finale, but only one of them will win the chance to represent Panama´ at Miss World 2022. While the batch of 2022 is the strongest the contest has ever known, there are six candidates who have stood out to us as potential winners of this year’s contest.

So, without any further ado, let’s meet the frontrunners of Miss Mundo Panama´ 2022 –

Angie Paz



Angie is an entrepreneur and is set to represent the province of Darien at the competition. Currently an ambassador at Fundación BIDEH, the diva also partakes in modelling assignments. She is confident, charming and determined to win the contest.

Earlier, she qualified as a finalist in the sports challenge. She believes in keeping her goals in sight and continuously doing things out of her comfort zone. The 22-year-old loves to read and exercise. She never fails to congratulate her colleagues on their win and keeps gratitude in the center of her heart.

A true beauty queen!

Diana Martínez



Diana is one of the strongest contestants at this year’s competition. In the preliminary contests, she first won the Top Model award and won the second place in Beach Body category and third place in the talent category.

She also bagged second position in the sports challenge. This goes onto prove that she is an all-rounder. Martínez has a love for performing. She likes to both dance and sing. She will be representing the province of Penonomé at the competition.

The diva says,” Accepting new challenges and getting out of your ‘comfort zone’ is a decision that requires strength, but also courage, because you need to reinvent yourself to achieve your goals.”

She is a sports enthusiast and likes to play basketball. Diana Graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in English.

Kathleen Pérez Coffre



Kathleen is representing the beautiful province of Bocas Del Toro at the competition.  She works as a volunteer at Yo Pinto Una Sonrisa, a non-government organization. She likes to be of service to others and says, “The purpose of my life from an early age has been marked by service to others. This builds me up and makes me grow more every day as a human being.”

It is her first time participating in a national pageant. She says that it is important to explore all of our sides and pursue their calls fearlessly and passionately. She won the Beach Body award at the preliminary gala held earlier this year.

“Connecting with the rich history of my country is part of my essence as a Panamanian woman. In my dream of representing Panama to the world, I reflect on the great responsibility and commitment that this entails,” the proud Panamanian shared.

Nadia Sofía Borrero Garrido



One of fan favourites for this year is Los Santos representative Nadia Sofía Borrero Garrido. Garrido won the Miss Creativity award at the preliminary gala held earlier this year. She graduated from Colegio Pureza de María Panamá in December, 2020. The diva is only nineteen years of age and feels strongly towards her motherland. Nadia can’t wait to represent Panama´ at the international pageant.

Talking about what she has learnt throughout her life, Nadia divulged,” If there is one thing I have learned in my 19 years of life, it is that you never stop learning and improving as a person, you never stop living and feeling as if you were a child because if you stop doing it you are simply not living fully. Life is one, or you take risks, learn, evolve and keep growing or simply stay behind.”

“That is why I have become a lover of learning, practicing, doing new things, things that really fulfill me and make me grow not only as Miss, but as an integral woman. Our country and the world needs intellectual, revolutionary women who do not get carried away easily, who go against the current and defend their opinion and their beliefs, who have their criteria because if I am certain of something, it is that women, little by little, are changing the world,” she further added.

She is a perennial learner!

Melodie Johnson



Melodie is one of the most experienced candidates at the competition this year. Her pageantry portfolio boasts of having claimed these titles Miss World Herrera 2022, Miss Teen Darien 2021 and coming 4th at Miss Teen Panama 2021.

She is a confident fashion model and has a striking catwalk. Melodie loves to peruse poems. Talking about her experience on the platform, Johnson disclosed,” In this long journey I manage to see the final door, without a doubt this has been one of the best experiences I have wanted to acquire. The courage, responsibility and dedication that I have managed to absorb during this journey has been incredible.”

Anyelid Chiffi Herazo



Representing the province of Taboga is ITUM certified translator and interpreter Anyelid Chiffi Herazo. The 26-year-old is also a brilliant pole artist and loves to dance. She is strong, fit and confident in who she is.

She is passionate about the things that she does in life, be it working as a translator or dancing on the pole. She can amaze anyone with the yoga poses she can strike with her body. A sheer source of strengths she is! She performed at the fiftieth anniversary of the Panamanian Association of Exporters.