Miss World Paraguay 2017 Top 6 Favorites

29 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

With Miss World Paraguay 2017 (Miss Mundo Paraguay 2017) just around the corner, Angelopedia presents its Top 6 favourites for the crown. It was quite tough to identify the favourite amongst a bunch of such beautiful women; however, we have made our selection.

The grand finale of Miss World Paraguay 2017 is scheduled to be held on 2nd September 2017 in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, with twelve contestants competing for the coveted title and the privilege to represent Paraguay in the Miss World 2017 pageant to be held on 18th November 2017 in Sanya, China.


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Let us look at our Top 6 favourites for the crown, in alphabetical order:

Cecilia Mencia

Cecilia Mencia is representing Paraguarí in the contest. Cecilia is one of the most charming and confident contestants of the pageant. She is incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and looks stunning in her photo shoots. This mesmerizing beauty is all set to win hearts in the finale with her lovely smile and a magnetic personality.


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Ellen Moran Benitez

Ellen Moran Benitez is representing Central in this year’s contest. Ellen is very graceful in the way she carries herself around. Her beautiful looks and engaging personality sets her apart from the rest of the finalists and makes her a very strong contender for the crown this year.


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Fiorella Crosa Vera

Next in line is Fiorella Crosa Vera who is representing San Pedro in the contest. This young beauty has a great zeal for life and is also quite perceptive for her age. She believes in always being her true self and enjoys life to the fullest. Undoubtedly she has got the perfect looks of a beauty queen and is a tough completion for the other eleven contestants vying for the crown.


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Giselle Wiegert:

Next favourite in the list is Giselle Wiegert. She will be representing Caaguazú in the pageant. She is absolutely dedicated to fulfilling her dream of winning the beautiful dazzling crown. She is currently working at Miss Turismo Latina Paraguay and has great respect for her culture and wishes to endorse it on a public platform. She is not only incredibly beautiful but also has a sharp mind and that makes her one of our top favourites to win the crown this year.


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Maria Fernanda Perello

Moving on to our next favourite, we have Maria Fernanda Perello who is representing Asunción in the contest. Maria’s innocent face is one of her strongest qualities. She completely deserves to be in this contest for her graceful looks and an elegant posture. She has great potential on her for winning the desired title this year. 


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


Paola Oberladstatter

Last but definitely not the least; we have Paola Oberladstatter who is representing Alto Paraná in the contest. She is a complete stunner and has everything that it takes to be a world renowned beauty queen. She has completed her graduation from Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo – UPE and is now working at Passione. Her impressive features and perfect curves are what attract all towards this gorgeous looking woman. She will certainly manage to leave a great impact on everyone in this year’s pageant. 


Miss World Paraguay 2017 - Top 6 Favorites


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