Will Pradeepta Adhikari run her way to Miss Nepal 2019 crown?

16 Apr 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Nepal 2019 has officially begun with GoldStar Sports Challenge which was organized just days ago. The contestants competed in gruelling challenges to show their fitness and enthusiasm and put a strong foot forward in the competition. Pradeepta Adhikari was the winner of the first challenge of the competition and with it, became one of the tough ones to beat for the crown.



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The Nepali beauty is 23 years of age and hails from Kathmandu. She is currently a third-year Medical Student at Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences. Other than being a medical student, she is also an avid traveller, dancer, debater and Yogi. Pradeepta wishes to bring a change in the community with her title and use her education to help the underprivileged.



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On winning the recent challenge, she also took to her official social media to reveal her happiness on winning in a post, “After many years of persistently being active in sports. Today, god was so kind and I was able to win Goldstar Miss Best Athlete. Thank you so much to each and everyone present today and for making this experience one that will be with me forever.



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Miss Nepal 2019 will host its coronation night soon and Pradeepta has definitely made her presence known in the competition as a tough contender to beat for the crown. Most suited for Miss World, Pradeepta has shown eloquence, grace and a strong will to bring a change, all the characteristics required in a Miss World winner. If she will win the crown or not is still unknown, Pradeepta has definitely won over the hearts of the people in the competition.