Miss Nepal 2020 Wishlist: Pratistha Saakha

03 Feb 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Nepal organization will be hosting its 26th edition of Miss Nepal 2020 soon where delegates from all over the country will compete for the title. The winner of the title will be representing Nepal at the major international beauty pageants for 2020. With wish lists being prepared of potential candidates for the title, we have picked out our suitable candidate for the win.

The very beautiful Pratistha Saakha from Kathmandu is a potential candidate for the title of Miss Nepal 2020. Pratistha is 24-years-old and has graduated with a degree in Business Administration. She is a certified makeup artist and is fond of fashion and beauty pageants.

Pratistha is not new to the pageantry world as she holds the title of Miss Asia Pacific International Nepal 2019. She was crowned by Aastha Saakha Miss Asia Pacific Nepal 2018 who happens to be Pratistha sister. Pratistha has also worked with various renowned photographers and collaborated with designers for shoots that shows that she has the quality of a diva that can represent Nepal at international platforms.



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Pratistha is a very focused and career-oriented woman whose passion is makeup and being a beauty queen is her dream. Her passion and creativity attracted her to be a makeup artist whereas, her vision since childhood with her immense hard work and dedication led her to be beauty queen. She strongly believes that being a beauty queen and winning a title gives you a platform to reach out to more people and she wants to use it to the fullest. She has always felt great amount of love and honour to be born in Nepal and later represent Nepal at the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019.

Prastistha has been on a little healthier side of the divas who participate in the beauty pageants so, for her journey in MAPI she had to get on a proper workout, diet and staying healthy schedule and loose weight for the competition. She explained that her journey was tough but she is always determined to achieve what she aims for. The journey of MAPI has made the diva into an optimistic person who has started to motivate others for having faith in oneself and be humble to everyone.



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Prastistha can be one of the strongest contestants at the Miss Nepal 2020 if she decides to participate because of her confidence and determination to win the title and represent Nepal at the international platform. She wants to use the platform of Miss Nepal to reach out to people and urge them to be humbler and kinder towards each other. She has transformed herself into a glam diva which clearly states that she wants to fulfil her dream of becoming a beauty queen. Even though she is busy with her passion, she takes some time off and try to finesse her on-stage walk and interview skills. She can be a tough competition for the contenders if she decides to participate.