Miss Nepal 2020 Wishlist: Rozina Shrestha

29 Jan 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Nepal organization will be hosting its 26th edition of Miss Nepal 2020 soon where delegates from all over the country will compete for the title. The winner of the title will be representing Nepal at the major international beauty pageants for 2020. With wish lists being prepared of potential candidates for the title, we have picked out our suitable candidate for the win.

The very beautiful Rozina Shrestha from Kathmandu is a potential candidate for the title of Miss Nepal 2020. Rozina Shrestha is 25-years old and stands 176cm tall with a degree of Master’s in Business Administration from Ace Institute of Management. She likes to travel and explore new places as different cultures and traditions fascinates her.



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Rozina is not new to pageantry as she was crowned Miss Tourism World Nepal 2019 by Pariwartan Media House; the official franchise holder of Miss Tourism World for Nepal. She represented the country of Nepal at the Miss World Tourism 2019 competition which was held in China. She has also worked for various designers and photographers and has gained experience in the field of pageantry.

Being Miss Tourism World Nepal 2019, Rozina has been actively advocating about visit to Nepal in 2020 as she wants people to come as together and help Nepal rebuilt what it lost after the devastating earthquake of 2015 as number of cultural heritage sites have lost its significance. With the idea of rebuilding the cultural heritages, Rozina hopes that people will be kinder to each other, would be helpful towards each other and try to be ready for natural calamities likes earthquake in future.

Rozina feels that Nepal has become stronger after the devasting earthquake as people of Nepal and nearby understood that things like these can take away a lot from individuals and leave them with nothing but sorrow. She explains that people of Nepal have always been kinder and welcoming towards others but after facing a tragedy, people have become kinder and more welcoming and she wants to showcase this side of Nepal to everyone.



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 Rozina is very confident and strong headed person and is very hardworking towards her goal. She has always embraced the culture of Nepal and has always felt gratitude as she represented Nepal at Miss World Tourism 2019. She can be one of the strongest contenders for the title of Miss Nepal 2020 as she has experience in the pageantry world, she is optimistic towards her reach to the goal and her focus never shifts from where it should be.

Rozina Shrestha’s fondness of traveling and curiosity about different culture and traditions has helped her mold herself into a person who is ready for everything that comes their way. Her knowledge about different culture has not only helped the Tourism of Nepal to change a few things according to the current scenarios but can also work in the favor of the diva during the competition.

She is a great communicator and has been very vocal about her thoughts. She works on her walk on stage and tries to stay fit. She can be a tough competition for other participants for the title because she has seen Nepal very closely and wants to showcase the untouched side of Nepal and its culture to all. If she decides to participate in the competition, she has very high chances of winning it.