Miss Nepal Organization released Press Statement regarding the audition incident

08 Apr 2019 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Nepal Organisation received withering counterblast on social media from the citizens and pageant fans after an audition video of the 22-year-old Ashmita Maharjan for Miss Nepal 2019 went viral. In the video, the participant stated her genuine reason for not wearing makeup and contact lenses and in return got rebuked by one of the female judges Rachana Gurung Sharma and was considered being disrespectful towards the Miss Nepal platform.

The whole matter enraged many people around and many questions were bombarded about the integrity of the platform and its claim to be a platform for women’s empowerment. In order to clarify the misunderstandings of the issue and to calm the affected one’s down, Miss Nepal Organization released a Press Statement on 07th April 2019.


Miss Nepal Organization released Press Statement regarding the audition incident

(Photo Credits: Miss Nepal Facebook Official)

The statement was released out in terms of the concern for the issues raised in the social media recently so that the issues can be put back into its correct perspective. Miss Nepal Organization stated, “Any tough question during a test or an interview is raised with an aim to find out the frame of their mind, level of comfort, confidence and ability of the candidate rather than harming, hassling of tarnishing the image of the candidate.”  in the Press Statement.

As per the organization, the same process was followed during the audition of Miss Nepal 2019 to bring out the best from the interviewed candidates. The press statement also stated that the candidate has already been selected for the pageant and is one of the proud delegates of Miss Nepal 2019.