Zoey Ivory dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, like no one is watching

01 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe 2016 pageant has come to an end, and the finale saw the crowning of France’s beauty Iris Mittenaere as the winner. Iris victory was well deserved, and there is no second thought about it that the beauty totally nailed the contest. Although there were few controversies that managed to mark its way into the finals, there were also moments that made us go all smiles.

One such incident was with Miss Universe Netherlands 2016 Zoey Ivory. Zoey may not have made it to the semi-finalist list, but the beauty has been winning hearts over the internet. Zoey was caught on camera dancing along to Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” during the break in rehearsals. You can look at the video and say that she danced like nobody is watching. Check out Zoey grooving to the tune of “Single Ladies”.

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It’s clear that Zoey knows all the moves and the beauty was clearly waiting for someone from her co-contestant to join in the madness. The clip was uploaded on Facebook and got about 40K shares. Zoey later posted in her Instagram a message to everyone who praised her for dancing “Single Ladies” during the Miss Universe rehearsals.

In a sweet Instagram post shared after the finals, the beauty queen thanked everyone for their support and all the sweet messages and love she is still getting. She wrote...

Thanks everyone for all the sweet messages and love I'm still getting! The girl with the natural curls and tattoos who does crazy dances to "Single Ladies" unfortunately didn't make it to the #Top13 of #MissUniverse. But I'll make the top of something else that comes on my path. This was not my destiny, but an experience I can add to my journey! My time in the #Philippines was indescribable and I will find it hard to leave you all!  I didn't win the crown, but I hope that I've won your hearts. Thanks everyone, keep loving yourself AND SEE YOU AT THE AFTERPARTYYYY

"They said we can relax during the rehearsal so when I heard the music I was just being me,” Ivory told the media. She further added, "At first I didn't even notice that people were looking at me. Then I started to hear the cheering and then I said, 'Oh my God, people are looking at me.' Then I went a little more full out.

Ivory told ABS CBN that she learned the choreography of the Beyonce hit after she was asked to perform it when she was 17. "Two men were going to get married and they asked me if I can perform 'Single Ladies' on their wedding because it's funny and they're gay," Ivory said.

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Ivory said she was "overwhelmed" by the reaction of netizens as the video, originally uploaded on Facebook on Sunday, has since become viral with more than 15 million views.


Zoey Ivory dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, like no one is watching