Meet the Optimist: Laura Ramirez for Miss Nicaragua 2018

21 Mar 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Laura Ramirez, the 22-year-old queen from Managua is definitely one of the strongest contenders at Miss Nicaragua 2018. With a License in Marketing, Laura is beauty combined with brains. She is all set to represent her talent and character at the upcoming Miss Nicaragua 2018 on 24th March 2018.

Laura’s biggest fear at the finale is to be unable to prove what she can achieve to herself. On the Miss Nicaragua 2018 motto- My beauty, My strength, she says that "my strength is the beauty of my qualities, life lies under my virtues and principles that are the gasoline that drives me every day".

Laura shares a strong point of view against any violence inflicted on women and thinks it is a reprehensible and unacceptable act from any point of view and must be treated with zero tolerance because women are indispensable beings in the development of the country.


Meet the Optimist: Laura Ramirez for Miss Nicaragua 2018


The animal with which she identifies herself is an eagle because it is free, tenacious, observant, precise, patient and knows when and how to act. She holds a dream to start a business of my own and be an example to follow for her younger sister.

Laura describes herself as, “I'm an optimist, I learn from my good and bad experiences to be an example to follow as a persistent woman, I encourage respect because I like to recognize, appreciate and value others and show that we are all equal.” That’s a quality of a very strong and independent woman, we must say!

When it comes to her country, Laura shares deep love and affection for Nicaragua. For her being Nicaraguan is being generous, empathetic, charismatic, wanting to see the country great even if it is small, it is doing good without looking at whom, it is defending the ideals and values of this land with pride.


Meet the Optimist: Laura Ramirez for Miss Nicaragua 2018

(Photo Credits Miss Nicaragua Official)


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Laura is definitely one of the frontrunners at the competition this year. With her empathy and compassion, she shares a good character and can definitely be a proud representative of Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2018.

When asked about her love for her country, Laura shared her message for Nicaragua, “we persist as working women and men and thus demonstrate to the world what we are capable of doing in society, also preserve our culture and traditions so that we will always be a country that stands out in the world.”