Miss Nicaragua 2021 Meet the Finalists

08 Jun 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Nicaragua 2021, the 21st edition of Miss Nicaragua, is all set to be held soon where eight finalists will compete for the national crown and win the opportunity to represent Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2021. The winner will succeed and be crowned by Miss Nicaragua 2020 Ana Marcelo.

These eight finalists are tremendously talented beauties who will surely be a strong competition for each other. The official presentation for these finalists will be held on 18th June 2021 where they will be presented in front of the media. Here are the eight finalists competing for Miss Nicaragua 2021 –

Kathy Davis Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Isabella Salgado Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Geyssell García Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Glennys Medina Segura Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Sheryl Artóla Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Zulema Bravo Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Allison Wassmer Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021

Tatiana Granados Finalist Miss Nicaragua 2021


Kathy Davis representing Chinandega Isabella Salgado representing Chinandega Geyssell Garcia representing Santo Toma´s Glennys Medina representing Managua Sheryl Artola representing Managua Zulema Bravo representing Chontales Allison Wassmers representing Managua Tatiana Davis representing Bilwi


Miss Nicaragua 2020 Ana Marcelo represented Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2020 where she placed in the Top 21 with her stellar performance. Nicaragua is yet to pioneer its win at Miss Universe.