Agatha Mego Miss Piura 2020 for Miss Peru 2020 crown?

15 May 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Perú Organization will host its national edition this year where the next delegate to represent Perú at Miss Universe 2020 will be crowned. Peru’s performance at the international beauty pageants has been incredible as the divas have always proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable performances, they have taken home multiple titles. Miss Universe Perú 2019 Kelin Rivera Kroll will crown her successor by the end of the event finale.

With competition soon to be held, Agatha Mego who is a representative of Piura is one of the fan favorites for the title of Miss Peru 2020. She had previously participated in Miss Piura 2017 but wasn’t placed unfortunately but her will and desire to represent her state at national pageant brought her back and she was crowned Miss Peru Piura 2020 last year.



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Agatha is 23-years-old and stands 178 cm tall. She has completed her Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering degree from University of Peru. and now works as a professional model as well as a trainee at a firm. The beauty queen is very passionate about her work as a model as well as an engineer. She has now created a balance between her dream and desire.

In one of her interviews, Agatha has mentioned that she wanted to fulfill her dream of representing her country at an international level and that is one of the reasons she participated in Miss Peru Piura 2020. She mentioned that she wanted to have the opportunity to not only make the people of Piura proud but also learn and manage to develop some new skills through out the competition. She feels that beauty pageants are not just about the external beauty but everything that defines a woman including human qualities and projection of social qualities too. She stated, “Modeling has been overshadowed as being a platform for the denigration of women in many ways, this pageant is one of the few that sees women being while others focus on the superficial and vain.”



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One of the reasons Agatha participated in the competition is because she wants to encourage more people to come forward and work for the city as she feels that the need to care and help to protect the city is very much needed. Agatha is and avid speaker for women but also believes in equality. The diva was a part of a program which aimed at raising awareness among Peruvian youth about issues related to their sexuality, including responsible parenthood, unwanted pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted infections, etc. Talking about the initiative, Agatha said that she is 100% believes in this project, because it is very important to raise awareness among young people about these issues and thus prevent irreparable consequences. "These are topics that nobody wants to talk about, but we do" she emphasized. She is very excited to be able to receive an opportunity to represent Piura at Miss Peru 2020 and aims to win the title.

Agatha is working hard and has been training every day, working on her personal growth, and building up herself for the day when she gets to represent her culture, tradition, and values to everyone. She is not only fan’s favorite but also one of the strongest contenders for the title.

Miss Peru Piura 2020 is a very strong, confident, and dedicated woman who feels that of an individual works hard and is self-assured to reach to her/his goals, there is nothing in the world that can stop them. She also works for a project that seeks to support the education of children in the most vulnerable areas of Piura. She feels that by winning the title of Miss Peru 2020 and being able to represent Peru at Miss Universe 2020 stage, she would be able to make her parents and everyone who has supported her proud.